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A kid Travels the world on a quest to be the best and to get everything, While some people fight about land development

What is Pokemon Emerald


In Super Smash Brothers, Typically the move dedicated to helping your character Recover (Mario Super Jump Punch, Kirby Sword Cutter, Etc..)

What Is UP-B


"Absorbent and Yellow and Porous is he"

What is Spongebob Squarepants


What is the Spongebob Squarepants Theme


In this universe, tiny creatures give people psychic powers that they use for good, and some use for evil. This series depicts a conflict between 2 factions that spans multiple planets

This series features a young boy from a desert planet who meets up with an ace pilot, and the leader of a resistance group to fight "The Empire".

What is Star Wars


This game mode sees you disguising yourself as a random object on the map and trying not to get caught being out of place

What is Prop Hunt


A teenager and his friends fights several adults, including his therapist, and they do it with style

What is Persona 5 Royal


The most Common Motion input in fighting games, this is attached to many moves, often projectiles (hadouken, gun flame, etc..)

What is Quarter-circle forward punch

What is Down -> Forward punch

What is 236P


"Bow Chicka Bow Wow, thats what my baby says"

What is Phineas and Ferb


This classic sci-fi series features a crew of people spanning multiple different galactic species aboard an inter-galactic space ship that goes around and solves peoples problems

What is Star Trek


This game mode requires you to sus out imposters from your group of armed individuals

What is Trouble in Terrorist Town


The alien from the last game came back as a cosmic horror beyond comprehension, and is making the world go crazy

What is Earthbound

What is Mother 2


This button combination is how you execute Diana's spell rotation/combo in League of Legends

What is Q>W>E>R


"Summer time, and you know what that means? Gonna go down to the beach, Gonna do some beachy things"

What is Regular show


This studio "Trigger" anime stars a young boy from an underground city, who discovers giant robots on the worlds surface, this spirals forward until eventually leading them to a galaxy-sized final battle in the depths of space

What is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


In this game mode there are 2 sides, Cops and Prisoners. The Cops give orders the Prisoners have to follow, and the Prisoner's goal is to get power

What is Jailbreak


Build a party of adventurers so that you can explore the world tree and see what lies on its many floors

What is any Etrian Odyssey game


This is how you input Geese Howard's Raging Storm input in the Fatal Fury/King of Fighters Series

What is downback -> HalfCircle Back -> Down forward

What is 1632143P

What is the Pretzel Input


"Caught between two pieces of bread - slapped around like salami - Not gonna rest, I'm not going to bed - I'm just a man with a hunger for glory"

What is Chowder

What is "Full of Balogna"


This game series sees a variety of different planets come together, all of which having discovered space travel at different times. It features both instances of space politics centered around different galactic species and conflicts with different figures from different faction

What is Star Ocean


What is Mass Effect


This game sees you building a boat, and you and your team have to be the last boat floating after the map fills with water

What is Flood


Set out on a Journey to fight an evil jester who turned your entire kingdom to stone, and turned the king into a toad-like creature, and the princess into a horse

What is Dragon Quest VII

This button combination helps to get rid of annoying kids in online games by having them press it, but it likely only works once

What is Alt + F4


"Who's got a smile like a wild boar? Whose teeth cut chain at the hardware store? the girl who's rotten to the core"

What is Fairly Oddparents

What is Icky Vicky (1930's Version)


This game sees Tim Curry go to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism: SPACE!!

What is Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

What is Red Alert


This game has you playing the classic game of Bomberman, except instead of bombs you have... melons?!

What is Melonbomber