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Which website can a customer run a health check on their equipment and download manuals?
What is
This package has digital starter, with performance internet and unlimited home phone service. It comes with X1 boxes and with the option of blast internet for an extra $10.
What is SP Starter XF (Digital Starter triple play) $99 1st year, 119 2nd year and the 3rd year $141.99.
With this iPhone and iPad application installed, customers can access all of their banking, shopping, social networking, and email accounts from a single application with one login so that they can securely connect to their digital lives.
What is Constant Guard Mobile App.

You're Too Expensive

How much is your waste and disposable product cost

Name the Xfinity app that lets you stream thousands of XFINITY On Demand shows and movies across 80 networks, including broadcast, cable and premium networks.
What is Xfinity TV Player App.
Name the XFINITY TV app for the iPhone or iPad that can navigate the X1 Platform guide using simple gestures, Voice Controls, remote keyboard, or shortcuts.
What is the X1 Remote App.
Which feature on your Xfinity Home Security service would you use if you wanted to figure out what time your teenager came home last night?
What is the history feature which logs the times doors open and close.
This Package includes Dig Econ Vid, Preferred collection, Streampix, HBO, and Blast Internet.
What is Blast! Plus EDP at 89.95 Not Blast! Plus EDLP 82.95
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