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LCS 2021 Summer was the first season ever where each member of the All-Pro 1st team was from a different team, name each player. 200 points each.







From 2014-2021 SKT/T1 changed their Top laner every year, name them from each year for 200 each. (If there was two during the year, then either is correct.)

Impact, Marin, Duke, Huni, Untara/Thal, Khan, Roach, Canna


Which NBA team has the longest current post-season drought? (Last playoffs appearance, 2005/06)

Sacramento Kings


200 points for each team Shaq has played on.

Magic, Lakers, Heat, Suns, Cavs, Celtics


Valorant - There are 6 agents that have been released post launch, name as many as you can. 200 points for each.

Killjoy, Skye, Yoru, Astra, KAY/O, Deadeye


Which company sponsors Ace's in LCS

Bud Light


How many LCS orgs have won a championship?

Bonus 400 if you can name all of them.


TSM, C9, CLG, TL, 100T


As of today, which NBA teams are spending the most and least money on player contracts this year? 400 points for each.

Most - Warriors

Least - OKC


All-time leaders NBA in each of Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks? 400 for each

Points - Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Rebounds - Wilt Chamberlain

Assists and Steals - John Stockton

Blocks - Hakeem Olajuwon


CSGO - How much does Full Armour, AWP, 2 flashes, a HE, a smoke, a kit and a Deagle cost. First to yell it out wins.



How many skins does the champion/s with the most have. Extra 200 for each of those champion/s.

15 for Ezreal and Miss Fortune


During Fakers first professional game, who did he lane against and solo kill. Bonus 200 for both champions, and another bonus 200 for the circumstances of the kill.

Nidalee vs Ambitions Kha'zix.

Faker solokilled him while ambition was evolving his Q at level 6.


What is Harden's FULL name?

James Edward Harden Jr.


Only one player is an all-time franchise leader in Points, Assists, Rebounds, Steals and Blocks. Who is it?

Kevin Garnett for the Timberwolves.


NBA2K - Only 1 NBA player has ever received a 100 rating, Who was it? Bonus 600 if you know the year of the game.

Shaq in 2K02


What were the top 3 most picked champions in the LCS/LEC/LPL Playoffs combined. (Patch 11.15).

Viego, 69 picks

Lee Sin, 61 picks

Xin Zhao, 52 picks


Here is an image of a draft consisting of very common champions during a specific worlds playoffs. What season was it. Bonus 800 if you can tell the specific series.

2017 Worlds

C9 vs WE Quarter Finals Game 5


Which current NBA players are missing a finger? Two options, both missing the right hand ring finger. 800 for each.

Davis Bertans, Gerald Green


Which NBA players have recorded official a quadruple double. 800 points for each.

Nate Thurmond (Blocks)

Alvin Robertson (Steals)

Hakeem Olajuwon X2 (Blocks)

David Robinson (Blocks)


Civ - Civilization is a 4X strategy game, what are the 4's. 200 points for each.

Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate


List my most played champions by mastery points. 1000 for getting the most without a mistake. 200 bonus points for each of the 3 champions with 0 points.

Camille, Rakan, Jhin, Viktor, Alistar, Nautilus, Shen

Akshan, Quinn, Teemo


Name as many teams that have won worlds as you can going backwards. 1000 Points for whoever names the most without a mistake. Bonus 100 for each Finals MVP you can match with each winner.

Damwon - Canyon

FPX - Tian

IG - Ning

SSG - Ruler

SKT - Faker

SKT - Marin

SSW - Mata

SKT - None Given

Taipei Assassins - None Given

Fnatic - Shushei


Name the 2021 NBA draft picks in order, as far down as you can. 1000 for the most without a mistake. 

Cade Cunningham - Pistons

Jalen Green - Rockets

Evan Mobley - Cavs

Scotties Barnes - Raptors

Jalen Suggs - Magic

Josh Giddey - OKC

Jonathan Kuminga - Warriors


Which players Invented/Popularised there moves or techniques. (Some may have more than one right answer, more moves are available for tiebreakers)

- Shy Hook

- Dream Shake

- 1 Legged Fade

- No look Pass

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Hakeem Olajuwon

Dirk Nowitzki

Magic Johnson



Out of the 6 of us (Including Jason) name every other players PRIMARY (Most used) build archetype. Most correct wons.

Darcy's Shooter

Rays Defender

Bennetts Shooter

Leontey's Main one

Cash's KD

Jasons Main one

Darcy - Offensive Threat

Ray - Lockdown Defender

Bennett - Sharpshooting Faciltator

Leontey - Slasher

Cash - Scoring Machine

Jason - Scoring Machine

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