2nd Grade Word Problems
3rd Grade Word Problems
4th Grade Word Problems

Kendle has 7 dolls. There are 8 dolls left in her toy box. How many dolls in all? Show using tens and ones chart.

15 dolls


The puppy weighed 15 pounds. He grew 5 pounds a month for 5 months. How much does he now weigh?

40 pounds


The cost of each book is $3. What is the cost of 6 books?



There were 10 girls and 8 boys in second grade. How many students in all? Show using tens and ones chart

18 students


The girl had $15. She got an allowance of $3 a week. If she worked for 8 weeks, how much will she have?



Roger works 8 hours in a day. How many hours does he work in 5 days?

40 hours


Aydin had $2, Emery had $8, and Logan had $3. How much money do they have altogether? Show using tens and ones chart.

13 dollars


The school set out chairs for the graduation. They set out 5 rows of 40 chairs. How many people could sit?

200 people

A bag contains 7 balls. How many balls are there in 8 bags?

56 balls


Mrs. Otterstad saw 3 geese flying. Then she saw some birds sitting in a tree. She saw 14 birds in all. How many birds were sitting in the tree?

11 birds


There were 4 rows of 8 books set out. They added 4 more rows of 8 books. How many books are there? Draw the array, and write what number sentence goes with your picture. Solve. 

 2 x (4 x 8) or 8 x 8 = 64 books.


Kitty drinks 4 cups of milk in a day. How much milk does she drink in a week?

28 cups


Brantley had 8 crayons. Boston gave him some more. Brantley has 12 crayons now. How many crayons did Boston give Brantley?

4 crayons


Jenny and her 3 friends went for lunch. They each spent $4 on food and $2 on soda. How much did they all spend. Write a number sentence. Solve. ***200 bonus points, if you can write it using distributive property

4 x (4 + 2 )

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