Famous Jews (then)
Historical Events
Famous Jews (now)
He led the Jews out of Egypt and in the desert for 40 years.
Who is Moses?
This holiday is eight days long and celebrates the miracle of the Jews triumphing over the Syrian/Greek army as well as the miracle of the oil that lasted eight days.
What is Chanukah?
This occurred when the Egyptions were chasing us after we left Egypt. Moses used his staff to make this happen, but it didn't happen until someone was brave enough to show trust in G-d.
What is the splitting of the Red Sea?
This is the Hebrew word for giving charity.
What is "tzedaka"?
He writes the Chanukah songs about famous Jews and is a famous actor/comedian himself who is playing in the upcoming movie, Grown Ups
Who is Adam Sandler?
This King of Israel was famous for his harp playing and his slaying of Goliath, a giant Philistine.
Who was King David?
This holiday we celebrate our freedom from slavery in Egypt
What is Passover?
This occurred on a mountain in the desert. There was a lot of thunder and lightening and shofar blowing and the mountain shook with G-d's voice.
What is the giving of the Torah?
This is what we do each week in temple on the Sabbath. It helps us learn about our history and the mitzvot.
What is reading the weekly portion of the Torah?
He played in the Night at the Museum movies and Meet the Parents. He also showed up to the Oscars dressed like a Naavi from Avatar.
Who is Ben Stiller?
She was originally a Moabite princess who converted to Judaism and came to Israel with her mother-in-law instead of staying home like her sister.
Who is Ruth?
This holiday means "lots" in English.
What is Purim?
This happened to a famous prophet who tried to run away from G-d on a boat because he didn't want to give a prophecy to the Jews' enemies that would have helped them repent.
Why was Jonah swallowed by a large fish?
This is one of the ten commandments. It involves two other people besides yourself.
What is honoring your father and mother?
This is a famous Orthodox Jewish reggae and rap artist.
Who is Mattisyahu?
This prophet symbolically visits us each Passover at our seders and was famous for going up to Heaven alive in a chariot of fire.
Who is Elijah?
This holiday is our day of judgement when we hear the shofar blown and eat apples and honey for a sweet year.
What is Rosh Hashana?
This event occurred after the King of Persia banished his first wife because she disobeyed him. It helped him find a new wife.
Why did Achashverosh have a beauty contest?
These include a citron fruit, a palm frond, willow leaves and myrtle leaves. We shake them together on Sukkot.
What are the four species?
He's the host of Deal or No Deal and a famous comedian.
Who is Howie Mandel?
This man took over for Moses as leader of the Jews when they entered Israel. He made the walls of Jericho fall and helped the Israelites conquer the land of Canaan.
Who is Joshua?
This holiday is also known as the festival of the ingathering. We build huts in our yards to celebrate G-d's protection of the Jews in the desert. We also shake the four species: lulav, etrog, hadasim, and aravot together on this holiday.
What is Sukkot?
This famous Judge of Israel lost all his incredible strength because of this.
What is the cutting of Samson's hair?
We do this mitzvah on the night of Passover?
What is have a seder/read the Haggadah/tell the story of our redemption from Egypt?
This was one of the most famous scientists in modern history. He came up with the theory of relativity and needed a good haircut.
Who is Albert Einstein?