It's All Greek to Me or West African
In Search of Meaning...
Hercules vs. Zomo
Perfect Prepositions
Adages & Proverbs
She really wants to see Hercules harmed.
Who is Zeus' jealous wife Hera?
The meaning of the word glared in the following sentence: The mother glared at her son when he pulled his little sister's hair.
What is stared fiercely?
The point of view that both Hercules' Quest and Zomo's Friends are told in.
What is third person?
The preposition in the following sentence: The students were listening intently during the lesson.
What is during?
An adage that means you can hold off making a decision until you need to.
What is "cross that bridge when you come to it"?
A strong person is often described this way. (think hero of the story)
What is herculean?
The meaning of the word resourceful in the sentence below: Mrs. Wagner was resourceful in helping her students who were struggling with changing units in math class.
What is clever at solving problems and showing her students how to do so as well?
This is who helps both Hercules and Zomo make new friends?
Who are the gods?
The prepositional phrase in the sentence below: On Monday, Mrs. Badulak will go to the dentist.
What is "On Monday"
What it means if someone uses the adage "don't bite off more than you can chew".
What is: Don't take on too much at once?
This is how Hercules changes from the beginning of the myth to the end.
What is he goes from being boastful to promising to use his strength to help others?
The meaning of the word coerced in the following sentence: The bully coerced his classmate into doing something that was against school rules.
What is forced?
The most important lesson learned from the myth of Hercules.
What is that perseverance and resourcefulness can help you accomplish things that may at first seem impossible?
The function of the preposition "inside" in the following sentence. The students were inside the classroom waiting for the teacher.
What is to convey location?
What my mom means when she uses the proverb "a stitch in time saves nine".
What is take care of small problems right away to prevent big problems later?
This is the personality trait (or quality) that helps Hercules get the golden apples in the Garden of Hesperides.
What is cleverness?
The meaning of the word unfortunate in the following sentence: It was unfortunate when the field trip to Tamanend Park had to be canceled due to weather.
What is unlucky?
If someone uses the allusion "like killing the Nemean lion" when they refer to something that you are trying to do, this is what they are saying.
What is you are trying to do something that is almost impossible?
A preposition that would convey Time and complete the following sentence. ___________Davis students eat lunch, they play at recess.
What is before?
The proverb that means you shouldn't risk what you already have in order to try and get more.
What is "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush"?
The number of tasks that King Eurystheus asks Hercules to perform?
What is three?
The meaning of the word devised in the following sentence: Mr. Tennyson devised a new lesson on the Lenni Lenape for the Celebration of Learning.
What is created?
The reason that Zeus sends Hercules to King Eurystheus.
What is to help Hercules regain his honor?
The preposition that conveys DIRECTION and completes the following sentence: The boy ran _______the hill trying to catch his dog.
What is down or up?
The meaning of the adage "look before you leap".
What is to think before you act?
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