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Jules' middle name; also the name of a queen, known for her long and prosperous reign, ruled England from 1558 to 1603.

What is Elizabeth?


One of Jules' favourite singers who recently announced a new her new album and her bae who just won the superbowl with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who is Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?


The name of her upcoming album releasing in April!

What is the tortured poets department?


In Western wedding etiquette, it's considered customary for guests to refrain from this colour as to not overshadow the bride.

What is wearing white?


This is the place Peter was born and raised -- also the future home for the newlyweds!

What is Guelph?


Jules' fav emoji -- also found on both the wedding invitations AND the save the date!

What is a disco ball!


This is the couple name for the celebrity couple who controversially met on set and soon became infamous for their many children together.

What is Brangalina?


The lyrics of this song say "dont say yes run away now i'll meet you in the aisle of the church at the back door?"

What is speak now?


This State is known for having the most weddings (and elopements) each year!

What is Nevada (Las Vegas).


The place where Peter met Julia, his first words to her being "Jules, that is such a beautiful name!"

What is The City Church?


This is the date (and time!) of Julia and Peter's wedding

What is May 4 at 1pm?


Their kids are North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm

Who are Kanye and Kim Kardashian

This track number on each album is of special meaning! It's usually a particularly personal song, with some sort of vulnerable revelation involving Taylor's past, reflecting either a relationship or a particular emotion. 

What is track five?


This wedding tradition (and rhyme) is supposed to bring the bride good luck as she has 4 specific things with her throughout the day!

Hint: her bridesmaids meet one of the criteria!

What is something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue?


The number of Peter's brothers (sometimes their are egg cartons this size too)

What is 6?


This is the place Julia works and her official job title. 

What is McMaster children’s hospital and a certified child life specialist?


This rap mogul and his triple-threat wife have 45 Grammy wins between them, and are still ruling the music industry nearly two decades into their careers

Who is Jay-Z and Beyonce?

The name of the man she dated in 2010

Who is Jake Gyllenhal?


In Western weddings, it's customary for the bride to stand on this side.

What is the left side?


The location of Peter and Julia's first date, and also engagement!

What is the Guelph arboretum?


This was colour, make, and model of Julia's first car! (Bonus points if you know the name)

What is a silver 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer (named Stella)


This couple "weaved" their love story, despite the fact that she is 2 inches taller than him! 

Who are Tom Holland and Zendaya?


The name of Taylor's dad

Who is Scott


Traditionally, the couple would drink mead for a month, which gave this wedding tradition its name

What is the honeymoon?


Peter is certainly an educated man! This was his degree and major in his undergrad.

What is a BA biblical studies