General Health
Mental Health

Over 50% of men in the US ages 18 and older are diagnosed with hypertension. 

A) True

B) False

Answer: A) True


In 2022, 15.1% of men ages 21 to 25 reported experiencing _________.

A) Generalized Anxiety

B) Major Depression

C) Suicide ideation

D) All of the above

Answer: B) Major Depression. 

Among adults with serious mental health illnesses, fewer men received mental health treatment (61.3%) than females experiencing SMI (67.6%). (NIMH, 2021)


________  and ________ are both contributing factors in men leading cause of death in the US.  

A) Cholesterol & Metabolic Deficiency

B) Obesity & Elevated Glucose

C) Diabetes & Asthma

D) Poor Nutrition & Alcohol use

Answer: D) Poor Nutrition & Alcohol use

High blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, poor nutrition and excessive alcohol use are all contributing factors leading to men death in US.


 ____________ were involved in about 54.64% of suicide deaths.

A) Illicit substances

B) Asphyxiation

C) Firearms

D) Traffic incidents


C) Firearms


________ and __________ are the most common type of cancer diagnosis among men in the United States. 

A) Prostate and Kidney/Renal

B) Lung and Throat

C) Prostate and Lung

D) Throat and Stomach

Answer: A) Prostate and Kidney/Renal. 

Prostate cancer predominately affects 6 out of 10 ages 65 and above.


In 2022, 68.46% of _________ males accounted for suicide deaths in US.

A) White

B) Asian/Pacific Islander

C) African American

D) Hispanic

Answer: A) White. 

White males, accounting for approximately 68.46% of suicide deaths in 2022. This means that in 2022, the suicide rate for men was 3.85 times higher than that for women. (AFSP, 2022)