Hand Hygiene
Basic Safety
Clean up
Appliance Safety
Fun Facts

How long should you wash your hands for?

20 Seconds.


When retrieving an item from a drawer what should you do before walking away?

Close the drawer.


When it is time to clean up we must clean utensils. when carrying sharp kitchen utensils how should they be held? (in what direction).

The pointed edge should be pointed downwards in order to prevent accidents or possible injuries to both yourself and those around you.


Before using any kitchen appliances what should you do?

Ask the teacher for instruction/training on how to properly use the equipment in the kitchen.


What should you do when taking something out of a hot oven?

Wear oven mitts.


If there are any cuts or wounds on your hands you must what?

Wear plastic gloves.


What should you do with a pot on the stove top?

Turn the handle inward to ensure that nobody will bump into/touch it. 


If something is spilt what should you do and why?

If something is spilt, you should always clean it up immediately to prevent bacteria from building up.

If something doesn't seem to be working how it normally should be, what should you do.

You should always immediately report the problem to the teacher as it may now be hazardous to others and yourself.


Where should cleaning chemicals be stored?

In another room/ in an inclosed area. 


What are the three things you must do before preparing food in a kitchen?

(1) Tie up long hair.

(2) Remove any loose jewelry.

(3) Wash your hands for 20 seconds.


What kind of material should you avoid using in regard to cutting boards in order to avoid cross contamination?

Porous materials such as soft wood.


when you are unsure how to properly clean something what should you do and why?

You should ask the teacher for help because if you are unfamiliar with the chemicals you are using, or how ti clean it properly, it could become hazardous to both yourself and those around you.


If you break an appliance what should you do?

Unplug the appliance and report the accident to the teacher.


What is the maximum time that food can be left out for?

2 Hours


If you need to sneeze what should you do?

Walk out of the kitchen and sneeze into your ARM, not the food. After sneezing or coughing you must always wash your hands 


If you cut your hand while working with food, what should you do?

Stop what you're doing, wash your hands to limit the transfer and spread of bacteria, and then tell a teacher.


If Jimmy has 3.5L of liquid and spills 750mL on the floor, after cleaning up the 750mL off the floor, how much liquid does Jimmy have left?

Jimmy has 2.75L of liquid left.


when using an appliance, should your hands be wet or dry?

your hands should be dry.


Why should you never leave cords running through your work area in the kitchen?

Because you could fall, and it becomes a tripping hazard for others as well.


When you are done handling food, what should you do?

Wash your hands after cleaning up.


If something starts to smoke, what should you do?

Unplug the equipment so that you limit the possibility of a greater hazard occurring.


If something catches on fire on the stove what should you not do?

Throw water on it. 

Instead get a fire extinguisher.


What should you do when a sharp kitchen tool is falling off the counter?

Let it fall to the ground as it is dangerous to try and catch a sharp object.