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1. What did the gentle man find in his garden?

The gentle man found a small, multicolored, injured bird.


9. What did the gentle man do after he became rich?

The gentle man helped anyone who was in need.


5. How did the greedy man feel when he found his friend became rich?

The greedy man felt furious and jealous when his friend became rich.

2. What did the gentle man do to make the bird well?

The old man mended the bird's broken wing and fed it bread crumbs so that it could regain its strength.


7. What did the greedy man get for his reward?

He got an even bigger squash, but there was a huge, blue, hairy monster inside.


4. What did the gentle man get for his reward?

He got an enormous squash that was solid gold on the inside.


8. What happened to the greedy man at the end of the story?

The monster chased the greedy old man into the forest, and he was never seen again.


6. How did the bird get hurt the second time?

The second time the bird got hurt was because the greedy old man shot it and hurt its leg.


10. "Our personality type affects everything in our life." Is it true? Why?

Yes, it's true. If we are kind and generous, others will be kind and generous to us. If we are mean and greedy, we will eventually end up all alone in life.


3. What did the bird give and tell the gentle man?

The bird gave the old man a seed and said that if he planted it and took good care of it, he would be rewarded.

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