Paul's Old Life
Old Rules - New Rules
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Who Was It?
Gotta Have it

Paul's old name.

What is Saul?


Paul was called to share the Gospel with everyone, but specifically with these people?

Who are the Gentiles?


Paul wrote his last letters from this city.

What is Rome?


Open Book Question: In Acts 20, there is a story about a guy who fell asleep, sitting on a window sill while Paul was preaching. He fell and died. Paul, through God, brought him back to life.

Who was Eutychus?


This is the best ingredient in the fruit of the spirit. It is the number one thing that we should have as Christians.

What is love?


Paul was a member of this group that also starts with the letter "P."

Who are the Pharisees?


The early church thought that everyone had to be ________ in order to become a Christian.

What is Jewish?


This thing IS NOT evil, but loving this thing IS evil.

What is money?


Paul formed a lot of churches with this guy. They had an argument about working with John Mark again, because he was not reliable the first time. After this argument, Paul and this guy went separate ways but continued to spread the Gospel.

Who was Barnabus?


The Fruit of the Spirit is...

What is love, joy, peace,forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,23 gentleness and self-control?


Paul used to persecute, imprison, and kill Christians. He was even around when this person was stoned.

Who is Stephen?


Some of the early church leaders thought that all new male Christians had to do this.

What is to be circumcised?


Paul's last letters are to these two people.

Who are Timothy and Titus?


Paul was not happy with this disciple who would not sit with the Gentiles when the Jewish leaders of the church were watching.

Who was Peter?


In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul speaks about three things that we should have. He says that the "greatest of these is love." The other two things are...

What is Faith and Hope?


Paul was born here.

What is Tarsus?


When the early church referred to "God's Law" they were talking about these books of the Bible.

What are the first 5 books?

What are the Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy?


Paul warns us to stay away from this type of talk.

What is foolish talk?


This person taught Paul almost everything he knew about Jewish history and the Law of God.

Who is Gamaliel?


God helps us to make the right decisions through this person? Hint: He is a part of the Trinity.

What is the Holy Spirit?


This was Saul's job.

What is to persecute the church? (Similar answers will be accepted.)


The Gentile Christians were told not to do these two things.

1. Eat unclean foods (given to idols, strangled, or cooked in blood)

2. Engage in sexual immorality/fornication.

See: Acts 21:25 and Acts 15:20


Paul tells us to "Preach the Good News" and to "Encourage [people] with great patience and careful teaching" because there will be a time when people will stop doing ____________ and begin doing _________.  Look in 2 Timothy 4.

What is stop listening to truth and begin listening to false stories?


The name of the person who God used to give Saul back his sight and to tell him about his new mission in life.

Who is Ananias?


Name the "...... ations"

___________ Describes how we were in sin but Jesus rescued us.

___________ Describes how God, through the Holy Spirit is helping us to become more like Him every day.

___________ Describes how we are declared not guilty because of the sacrifice of Christ. We are covered in Him and considered Holy.

What is Salvation, Sanctification, and Justification?

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