Pop Culture

This performer was "Born This Way" and identifies as bisexual.

Who is Lady Gaga?

In 1997, this funny lesbian became the first person to come out on network television.
Who is Ellen Degeneres?
This word is the "T" included in the acronym "LGBT"
What is "transgender" or "transsexual"?
This fictional drama focused on a panel of lesbian characters was the first program to stay on the Showtime Network for six seasons.
What is The L Word?
This YouTube phenomenon, started in response to many LGBT youth suicides, encourages adults to release videos providing encouragement to LGBT youth
What is the "It Gets Better" project?
This Latin music sensation came out within this century after fathering two children.
Who is Ricky Martin?
In the public eye as Sonny and Cher's child, this person has come out to the public twice: first in 1995 as a lesbian, and for the second time in 2009 as a transgender male.
Who is Chaz (Chastity) Bono?
A person whose chromosomal composition results in ambiguous or multiple primary sex characteristics (derogatorily referred to as "hermaphrodite")
What is "intersex"?

This wicked sweet state was the first to recognize same-sex marriages in the United States

What is Massachusetts?

This group is a resource for straight allies who have loved ones who are LGBT, and our local chapter was founded by Alyson Ray
What is PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)?
Known best for paintings of Campbell's Soup cans, this pop artist's sexuality has long been identified as nonheteronormative, but with no definitive conclusion as to whether he was gay or asexual
Who is Andy Warhol?

This funny lesbian's new adventures involved coming out about her sexuality and strong support of President Barack Obama, inspired by feeling "crushed" after California passed Proposition 8 (ban on same-sex marriage)

Who is Wanda Sykes?

What does the acronym "ftm" stand for?
What is "female to male"?
This big state was taken to the Supreme Court by a private party, lost, and the ruling set a standard that decriminalized homosexuality in America (including in all 13 states that had not already) in 2003
What is Texas (Lawrence v. Texas)?
This campaign started in response to the gay marriage ban in California, and has resulted in international art projects supported by celebrities like Kim Kardashian
What is NOH8?
Billie Joe Armstrong came out as bisexual in 1995, and is the lead singer for this band of American Idiots
What is Green Day?
This gay actor has prospered through his long life and encouraged gay youth in Tennessee to use his name in place of "gay," when a ban was placed on using that word in public schools
Who is George Takei (Star Trek)?
This term refers to cross dressing and the etymology of the term literally refers to "dressed like a girl"
What is "drag"?
This bar in New York City was the location of a turning point in the Gay Rights Movement when a riot broke out during a police raid 1969 and the name has been used in many gay rights movements since then
What is The Stonewall?
This organization uses the widely recognized symbol of a blue square with a yellow equal sign, and works as an LGBT advocacy group (full name)
What is the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)?
Even with all the voices that this activist uses in his hilarious adult cartoons, he also has one that speaks out strongly for gay rights as a straight ally
Who is Seth McFarlane
This politician came out openly and became the first openly gay person elected to public office in California, establishing the Castro District as a hub for the national gay rights movement. There was a movie about him starring Sean Penn.
Who is Harvey Milk?


Genderqueer: a term adopted by some people who identify as neither male nor female, as both, or as somewhere in between, and who often seek to blur gender lines. It is a particularly common identity among transgender youth


The ancient poet from the island of Lesbos whose romantic poetry inspired the the term "lesbian" to refer to women who are romantically and sexually involved with other women

Who is Sappho?


This organization monitors the media and fights homophobia and ignorance in the public forum as well as promotes diversity in programming

What is GLAAD (Gays & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)?