Media Class Expectations
Overdue Materials
Check-Out Procedures
Around the Library
If you have something to say in class or need to ask a question, you need to do this before speaking.
Raise you hand.
How long can you keep library materials before the computer marks them as "lost" or overdue?
1 week
How many materials can you have checked out at one time?
You should always carry this tool with you when you are browsing for a book in the library.
A shelf marker.
Should stuffed animals and toys be taken home?
Stuffed animals and toys should stay where they are placed in the library.
True or false. It is important to work quietly when in Media class.
True. Please only use WHISPER voices!
What should you do if you have really lost a book and can not find it anywhere?
Pay for the book so it can be replaced.
Is it ok to loan your library book to your best friend when he forgot his at home?
Where do you return library books?
Follow your class's procedures for book returns. At Hillcrest, 3rd grade brings their books into the library.
The bean bags and chairs should stay where they are in the library.
True! Please leave the furniture where it is.
Mrs. Mac will get cranky if she has to repeat directions more than twice. What can students do to prevent that from happening?
Be a good listener and follow directions the first time.
How many new books could you check out if you bring one book back and renew the second book?
You may check out one new book.
Are you allowed to check out books from the "E" section?
Yes, E stands for "everyone."
This is what you should do when you have finished checking out your book.
Sit at your seat in the library and read your book until your teacher dismisses you.
Which computers should you use to access the online catalog?
The catalog is bookmarked on all computers. Please use the computers by the windows if the others are busy.
What can you do to show you are a good listener?
Look at the speaker and don't interrupt while others are speaking.
How many books can you check out if you have returned one book, but your second book is overdue or "lost?"
Sorry. You can not check out any new books until the "lost" book is returned or paid for.
Are you allowed to check out books from the Non-fiction sections?
Yes! Please do!
If you really want to read a book, but it is already checked out by another person, what should you do?
Ask Mrs. Monger or Mrs. Mac to put the book on hold for you.
Name two things you should do to get your computer station ready for the next person.
1. Close out of any programs or folders. 2. Push in the chair.
What are two things you could do if you were following the expectation of being nice to your classmates?
Keep your hands and feet to yourself, listen when they are speaking, no name-calling...
If you can't remember the title of your lost or overdue book, what should you do?
Ask Mrs. Monger or Mrs. Mac to look it up on your account.
Are you allowed to check out magazines?
Yes! You may choose to check out a magazine instead of a book.
How many times are you allowed to renew a book?
Unlimited...UNLESS someone else has the book on hold and is waiting for it to be returned.
True or False. We can use the computers at any time to surf the web, watch youtube videos or listen to itunes.
False. You may only use the internet when directed by the teacher. Youtube and Itunes are not allowed.
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