Research Skills
Parts of a Book
Internet Smarts
Hodge Podge
You could use this to find the definition of the word archaeologists.
What is a dictionary?
This names the title of the book. It also tells who qrote the book and who drew the pictures. It even tells the name of the company that published the book.
What is the Title Page?
This is what you use to move up and down on a specific page.
What is the Scroll Bar?
A pair of words at the top of a page. All of the words included on that page are between the two words in alphabetical order.
What are Guide Words?
Stories that are made up from the imagination of the author and are not true.
What is Fiction?
You use this book to find a synonym for the word abandoned.
What is a thesaurus?
This lists all the chapters that are in the book. You can use this to find out what page each chapter begins on.
What is the Table of Contents?
This shows you the address of a website on the world wide web.
What is the Address Bar?
This is to steal or pass off the ideas or words of another as your own. Be careful not to do this when you are doing research!
What is Plagiarism?
Writing dealing with facts and events rather than the imagination.
What is Non-Fiction?
This is a set of books that gives information about many topics. The topics are listed in Alphabetical order.
What is an encyclopedia?
This is the page that gives the copyright date, which is the date that the book was published.
What is the copyright page?
A network of millions of computers from all over the world. This allows computers all over the world to trade information.
What is the Internet?
Being safe when using the internet. Do not give out personnal information or go to websites without your parent or guardians permission.
What is Internet Safety?
A fictional story where the characters have to be detectives to solve a problem. This type of story is usually filled with suspense!
What is a Mystery?
A book that has a collection of maps? This book also contains information about the land, crops and the population of an area.
What is an Atlas?
The part of a textbook that might list the meaning of the word temple?
What is the glossary?
A program that searches information on the world wide web by looking for keywords.
What is a Search Engine?
The name of OMS's online catalog for the library. I can use this to check if a book is available and see all of the information I might need to know about that book.
What is OPAC?
A non-fiction book about a real persons life and their accomplishments or events that happened during their life written by someone else.
What is a Biography?
This is a book of facts that is published each year containing miscellaneous information.
What is an Almanac?
An alphabetical listing of all topics/items usually found at the end of a book.
What is an index?
An image or portion of text that when clicked on takes you to another page, image or sound.
What is a Hyperlink?
When an author uses words in their writing to mimic sounds. It appeals to the sense of hearing and brings a description to life. Example: Buzzzzz!
What is Onomatopoeia?
A fictional story where the setting and characters are part of a notable period in history.
What is historical fiction?