Databases and E-Encyclopedias
Websites & Other Free Sources

The two ways/links to access the LSA Library's website.

What is by the LSA Homepage "Library" link


the "Library Resources"  link in Portals


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There are 10 different book collections in the LSA Library.  Name two of them.

What are 1) fiction, 2) nonfiction, 3) biography, 4) professional, 5) Lasallian, 6) periodicals, 7) Kennedy, 8) RI Collection, 9) reference, 10) Lasallian Authors


LSA's remote logins, Username = gorams and Password = lasalle, must be used if a student is off campus and they want to use which two types of e-resources.

What are e-encyclopedias and databases


This type of e-resource does not require a login or password because it is freely posted on the World Wide Web.

What are websites


The names of the two LSA Librarians.

Who is Mrs. Hajian and Mrs. Trissler


The "before school" open hours of the LSA Library

What is between 7:30 - 8:05.


Two weeks is the loan period for these materials.

What are books and periodicals.


Digitized encyclopedia articles make up this type of e-resource.

What are E-Encyclopedias


Websites with .gov, .org, and .edu domains in their URLs are usually the best fit for what kinds of projects?

What are school papers and projects


Mrs. Trissler and Mrs. Hajian have assistants who may check out a book or device to you when you visit.  Who are these people.

Who are our Library Volunteers.


The LSA Library's after school schedule.

What are an hour after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.


One class period is the loan period for these items.

What are Chromebooks and calculators.


Reference articles, journal articles, magazine articles, news articles, images, video and more can be found in this e-resource type.

What are databases


Videos can be used for academic research if the following information can be found out about them.

What are 1) creator's name/organization  and 2) date created.


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The location of the  Quiet and/or Silent sections of the LSA library.

What are all the seating areas along the back wall of the library under the windows.


The two ways you will use your LSA ID in the Library.

What are as 1) your library card and 2) to scan in for attendance if sent to the library for a free period.


Reference books and encyclopedias cannot be borrowed; the librarian will give you something instead.

What is a photocopy of the article from the reference book that you need.


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In databases, this special search option gives the searcher the opportunity to combine search terms and "search phrases", control for time published, and require full-text articles.

What is Advanced Search.


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.com domains in a website's URL usually mean that it has been  created by a commercial group and the purpose for their creation is what?

What is to make money or sell something.


Meetings are regularly held in the library for these two clubs.

What are 1) the Yearbook Club and 2) Current Events Club


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Two weeks is the loan period for these two types of library resources?

What are books and magazines


The Library Catalog Login for every student identifies a Username and Password for every student.  The Password is the same for everyone: lsa. How about the username?

What is the first part of a student's school email account up through the graduation year.


This type of e-resource provides the opportunity to find 3-4 great sources for a research project/paper with one Advanced Search.

What are databases.


Tools and apps like Animoto and HyperDocs usually have a special free registration options for students and teachers.  What is the purpose for this?

What is educational projects should be free to make and share.


The LSA Library is an amazing free community resource.  Being aware of the level of your voice, being polite, keeping all food and drink out of the library, and returning your books and devices on time make it a great place for whom?

Who is the entire school community.

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