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What is Lil Boosie government given name
What is Torrence Hatch
High-scoring NBA forward who became the youngest player in league history to win the NBA scoring title during what season?
What is 2009-2010
what is the meaning of 86
What is Over
Snakes are true __________because they eat nothing but other animals. They do not eat any type of plant material.
What is carnivorous.
There is a room with no doors, no widows, nothing and a man is hung from the ceiling and a puddle of water is on the floor. How did he die?
What is He was standing on a block of ice
When Was Lil Boosie born?
What is November 14, 1982
He led the Oklahoma City Thunder to the NBA Finals in 2012 and he received his first NBA MVP award what year?
What is 2014
what is the meaning of BAMF
What is Bad *a* mother *f*
Did you know that there are 206 bones in the adult human body and there are 300 in children. Why is this
What is as they grow some of the bones fuse together).
A lift is on the ground floor. There are 4 people in the lift including me. When the lift reaches 1st floor, 1 person gets out 3 people get in. The lift goes up to the second floor, 2 people get out 6 people get in. It then goes up to the next floor up, no-one gets out but 12 people get in. Halfway up to the next floor up the lift cable snaps, it crashes to the floor. Everyone dies in the lift. How did I survive?
What is I got on a 2nd floor
Hatch served time in this Penitentiary from 2009-2014, having been sentenced to eight years after pleading guilty to drug charges. He was released early on March 5, 2014. In what Penitentiary?
What is Louisiana State
During his only season at the University of Texas, he averaged ___ points per game and ____ rebounds per game
What is 25.8 points and 11.1 rebounds
what is the meaning of CYAL8R
What is see you later
The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes or stirrup bone located where?
What is in the middle ear. It is approximately .11 inches (.28 cm) long.
A man gets an egg and a rocket kit. The man builds the rocket and puts the egg inside it. Then the man stands back and launches the rocket. The rocket suddenly blew up. The egg was not damaged how come?
What is he took it out before he took off
On October 20, 2014 Lil Boosie changed his name to this
What is Boosie Badazz
He was one of Wanda and Wayne Pratt's four children, but was also raised by his grandmother, named.
What is Barbara Davis.
what is the meaning of MBS?
What is Mom behind shoulder
How long do it take for food to entirely digest.
What is It takes approximately 12 hours
You are in a cabin and it is pitch black. You have one match on you. Which do you light first, the newspaper, the lamp, the candle or the fire?
What is the Match
Lil Boosie grew up without a father figure in his life, as his father was murdered while he was a child. His mother is Jacquelyn Hatch. He is married to Walnita Decuir-Hatch. He has 7 children. Iviona, Tarlaysia, Torrence Jr., Toriana, Lyric, Ivy Ray, and MJ Hatch[33] Shortly after Bad Azz was released, Boosie announced that he had diabetes. He also earned this while in Jail?
What is his GED
His Thunder team lost the 2012 NBA Finals to who and what team?
What is LeBron James and the Miami Heat
what is the meaning of TDTM
What is Talk dirty to me
What is science
What is study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
Which word is the odd one out: First Second Third Forth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth
What is Forth; it is incorrectly spelt, it should be fourth
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