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Considering the buyer(s), seller(s) and lender, the two parties Dave Lima can represent simultaneously in the same closing.
What is the buyer and lender?

Dave's preferred Title Insurer.

What is Stewart Title Guarantee?

What must be delivered to the tenant prior to filing a Summary Process complaint against a tenant.
What is a Notice to Quit.
This bankruptcy case is sometimes called a liquidation.
What is a Chapter 7 case?

Dave has a physical office in this town.

What is Westbprough, MA.

Never leave home without this.
What is a properly filed Homestead Declaration?
Dave has been appointed this by the Land Court.
What is a Land Court Examiner.
A Notice to Quit for Non-payment requires service of this number of days.
What is 14?
A Chapter 7 filing may not be appropriate because the debtor earns to much money, owns to much property, has debts not dischargeable in a Chapter 7 case such as taxes, or desires to keep property secured by debt in which payments are behind. In these circumstanes a case under this chapter is filed.
What is Chapter 13?
The two jurisdictions Dave is licensed to practice law in.
What is Massachusetts and the U. S. Virgin Islands?
The three professions that are the best sources for real estate referrals for Dave Lima.
What is real estate agents, mortgage originators and accountants?
Recently, Dave teamed with former BNI member Stephen Paulin to collect on a mortgage held by Dave's client by using this process.
What is a foreclosure?
A Landlord can recover attorney's fees in a summary process case (eviction) provided she has this.
What is a written lease with a provision explicitly providing for attorney's fees upon tenant's breach?
If the fair market value of the debtor's home is less than a first mortgage, this can be done to all junior mortgages in Chapter 13 cases.
What is they can be stripped (treating them as unsecured debt, they are released after successful completion of the plan).
The name of Dave's paralegal.
What is Vicki (Belanger)?
The two types of real estate closings Dave Lima can handle.
What is residential and commercial closings?
Recently, Dave successfully litigated a Land Court case involving issues of Sovereign Immunity, Indian land titles and rights, and access to land in this town on Martha's Vineyard.
What is Aquinnah?
A Notice to Quit to terminate a tenancy at will for reasons other than non-payment must be served prior to the start of a new month and allow for this number of days notice.
What is 30?
Property is protected in bankruptcy cases using exemptions. In Massachusetts we can use federal exemptions or state exemptions. The ONLY reason to use state exemptions is this.
What is real estate with more than $20,000 equity if an individual or $40,000 if a joint filing?
Dave's tag line.
What is "Changing the way you think of attorneys."
A sale where the seller's mortgage holder accepts a payoff of less than that which is actually owed due to a fair market value lower than the loan balance.
What is a "short sale"?
Dave Lima has used this legal tool to settle title to numerous parcels of land on Martha's Vineyard in which hundred of people often own undivided small fractional interests.
What is a Petition to Partition?
Unlike when residential tenancy is breached by a tenant, a commercial breach will not require this duty of the landlord.
What is the duty to mitigate?
Unemployment, failed businesses, illnesses and resulting medical bills, a spouses death, gambling problem, excessive credit card use, foreclosed car loans or mortgage loans.
What is some of the reasons that caused Dave's clients to file bankruptcy?
The url of Dave's website.
What is "".
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