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A group of 3 children and 3 adults are going to a movie. Child tickets cost $3, and adult tickets cost $8. How much will the movie tickets cost in all?

It will cost $33.00 in all.
Mr. Albelo has 982 pounds of grain. He feeds 240 pounds to his pigs and 460 to his cows. How much grain does he have left?
Mr. Albelo has 282 pounds of grain left.

Mia and Synai had breakfast at a cafe. Muffins cost $2 each, and fruit cups cost $2 each. Mia had 1 muffin and 2 fruit cups. Synai had 2 muffins and 2 fruit cups. How much did the breakfast cost?

The breakfast was a total of $14.00.

A store sells big cartons of gum. Each carton contains 5 packs of gum, and there are 5 sticks of gum in each pack. How many sticks of gum are there in two cartons?
There are 50 sticks of gum in two cartons.

Ms. Mejia had a jar of jelly beans that weighed 56 ounces. She added 16 more ounces of jelly beans to the jar. Then she wanted to place the jelly beans evenly, into bags that each weighed 8 ounces. How many bags of jelly beans did Ms. Mejia make?

Ms. Mejia made 9 bags of jelly beans.

Janaya has twelve crayons. Nayra has twice as many as Janaya, and Adelle has twice as many as Nayra. How many total crayons?

They have a total of 84 crayons.
Karen and Jovi's parents told them they can only swim in the pool for 20 minutes. First, they swam laps in the pool for 7 minutes. Then they swam underwater for 1 minute. Then they played water polo for 8 minutes. How much longer can they stay in the pool?
They can stay in the pool for 4 more minutes.
An office building is 3 stories tall. There are 20 offices on the first floor. There are 6 more offices on the second floor than on the first floor, and there are 2 more offices on the second floor. How many offices are there in all?
There are 74 offices in total.
Zach bought a package of chocolate chips to bake into cookies. The package he bought included 220 chocolate chips. Zach plans on making 50 chocolate chip cookies, with five chips on each. How many more chocolate chips will he need?
Zach will need 30 more chocolate chips.
Alyssa has 15 white buttons. She has 11 fewer brown buttons than white buttons. Alyssa has 16 more gray buttons than brown buttons. How many buttons does Alyssa have in all?
Alyssa has a total of 39 buttons.
17 students and 9 teachers went on a field trip to an art museum. Student tickets cost $5 each, and adult tickets cost $10 each. How much did the museum tickets cost in all?
The tickets will cost $175.00.

Da'Vonnie saved $34 in September. He saved $20 in October and $35 in November. Then Da'Vonnie spent $21 on a video game. How much money does Da'Vonnie have left?

Da'Vonnie has $68 left.


Before the evening celebrations, Angelica wanted to see some of the famous places in New York City. From the hotel, she walked 234 steps to the nearest restaurant then another 378 steps to Central Park. How many steps did she take to get to Central Park from the hotel?

Angelica took 612 steps to get to Central Park.

Mahamad and Magic were playing touch football against Schello and Tajai. Touchdowns were worth 7 points. Mahamad and Magic scored 7 touchdowns. Schello and Tajai's team scored 9 touchdowns. How many more points did Schello and Tajai have than Mahamad and Magic?
Schello and Tajai had 14 more points than Mahamad and Magic.
Johysha needs 74 plates for a birthday party. She already has 17 blue plates and 8 red plates. How many more plates should Johysha buy?
Johysha needs to buy 49 more plates.

The adventure club went on a hike to see a waterfall. To get to the hike, the club members took 5 cars and 8 vans. There were 5 people in each car and 9 people in each van. How many people went on the hike?

97 people went on the hike.

Hector had 29 toy cars. Then he bought 14 cars from the toy store and got 18 cars for his birthday. Hector gave 7 of the toy cars to his sister and 25 to his friend, Jayden. How many toy cars does Hector have left?
Hector has 29 cars left.

In Kaden's toy bin there are 25 red blocks. There are 19 more yellow blocks than red blocks. There are also 15 more blue blocks than red blocks. How many blocks are there in all?

Kaden has a total of 109 blocks.
Kaylee has four times as many pennies as Amaury and half as many pennies as Maverick. If Amaury has six pennies, how many does Maverick have?
Maverick has 12 pennies.
Eduardo ordered four large pizzas and three medium pizzas from Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop. A large pizza has two more slices than a medium. A medium pizza has eight slices. How many total slices did Eduardo order?
Eduardo ordered a total of 64 slices.
Brooke Charter School is having a fundraiser! They are selling cookie dough in tubs. Chocolate chip cookie dough is $5 a tub. Peanut butter cookie dough is $4 a tub. And oatmeal cookie dough is $3 a tub. If Tristan sold 4 tubs of peanut butter cookie dough and 4 tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough, how much money did he raise in all?
Tristan raised $36.
Destiny made 4 stacks of wooden blocks. The first stack was 9 blocks tall. The second stack was 10 blocks taller than the first. The third stack was 5 blocks shorter than the second stack, and the last stack was 9 blocks taller than the third stack. How many blocks did Destiny use in total?
Destiny used 65 blocks in total.

Kamila, Somayo's best friend, is hosting the party. She plans on making pizza for everyone. If she bought 15 pieces of pepperoni, 20 packs of cheese, 10 pieces of salami and 30 pieces of bacon as ingredients, how many pieces of meat did she buy in total? 

Kamila bought 55 pieces of meat.
There are 24 students in Mrs. Magliozzi's third grade class. Mrs. Magliozzi decided she would surprise her students with a pizza party! She wants to make sure each student gets three slices of pizza. If a medium pizza comes with 8 slices, how many medium pizzas should she order?
Mrs. Magliozzi should order 9 pizzas.
Angelina has 9 red beads, and she has 7 fewer yellow beads than red beads. Angelina also has 5 more green beads than red beads. How many beads does Angelina have in all?
Angelina has 25 beads in total.