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It was backward day at school. The students had to do things backwards. Some of them wore their t-shirt backward. They took a test before they studied the lesson! Dessert was served first instead of last at lunch. They tried to walk home backward, but they kept bumping into each other and fell down. What is the main idea of this passage?

Students had a backwards day.


What is the main this passage? They are building a new school near my house. Every day I watch the workers drive huge tractors and push a ton of dirt. They have big cranes that help them place tall beams in the ground. The workers build walls using bricks. Every day it looks more and more like a school. Mom says I will go there in the fall.

Getting a New School/ Building a new school.


What is the main idea of this passage? The rules for lining up are very clear. Wait until the teacher calls your group, then stand up and push in your chair. Walk to the door and stand in a straight, quiet line. Anyone not following the rules will be told by the teacher to please sit down. This can cause the class to be late for their transition.

The rules for lining up are very clear.


Aaron wanted to ride his bike to school. He saw that he had to a flat tire. Aaron said, "Oh,no, I really wanted to ride my bike to school. I will have to wait until I get it fixed." His mom said, "I will take you to school today." Aaron went to school with out his bike.

Aaron couldn't ride his bike because of a flat tire.


Which of the following is the main idea sentence in this paragraph? My mother is a veterinarian. She loves animals. When she was younger she had lots of pets. She even teaches classes about how people can help protect animals.

My mother is a veterinarian.


What is this selection mainly about?(Summarizing) Someday we will all have robots that will be our personal servants. They will look and behave much like real humans. We will be able to talk to these mechanical helpers and they will be able to respond in kind! Amazingly, the robots of the future will be able to learn from experience. They will be smart, strong, and untiring workers whose only goal will be to make our lives eaier.

Someday we will have robots that will be our personal servants.


What do main idea questions ask you to identify?

You are asked to identify the main topic of the passage.


Peter's parents bought a new carpet for the lining room. Now, he has to take his shoes off when he enters the house. He's also not allowed to eat or drink in the living room any more. Peter's furry dog isn't allowed to play ball in there either. When his parents got the new carpet, there were lots of new rules.

Petter's parents made new rules so the new carpet stays clean.


What is the main idea of this passage? Sonny watches too much television. A toddler shouldn't spend hours sitting in front of a televison screen. Worse yet, some of his wild behavior has been inspired by those awful cartoons he watches. His parents should spend more time reading or playing games with him and pull the plug on the TV! A baby needs more attention than just keeping them occupied and quiet.

Watching a lot of television is bad for Sonny.


There is a village on an island near Scotland. It was built out of stone. A storm covered in in sand 4,000 years ago. It stayed covered until 1851. Then another storm blew the sand away. The village looked just like it did 4,000 years ago!

About a village covered in sand for over 4,000 years ago.