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What is another way to describe the main idea?
The main idea is what the passage or reading section is mainly about.
The restaurant was formal, so I bought a new suit. What does "formal" mean?
upscale, dressy
The boy lingered in the stands after the concert. He was hoping to watch the band members pack up. What does "lingered" mean?
The three students decided to collaborate on the project, since they all had different talents to share. What does "collaborate" mean?
work together
The snow was a marvel to look at as it glistened in the bright sun. What does "marvel" mean?
an awesome sight
What is the theme of a story?
The theme of a story is the lesson or moral that the author wants us to remember and apply in our own lives.
The student strives to get an A on the test. What does "strives" mean?
try or tries
My objective was to get to work on time each day, so I would not get fired. What does "objective" mean?
This school has a lot of diversity. We have students from many races, religions and cultural backgrounds. What does "diversity" mean?
different kinds of things or people together
Joe felt anguish when his dog died. He'd had his dog for 13 years. What does "anguish" mean?
extreme pain, sadness and suffering.
We read a short Native American story about a stork getting caught in a net with some crows who were stealing a farmer's corn. What is the theme of this story?
You should be careful when choosing your friends. If you choose friends who are not trustworthy, you might be judged as untrustworthy too, just because you are friends with them.
The girl had a very distinct way of dressing. She did not dress like the rest of the crowd. What does "distinct" mean?
Our hockey team was far superior than any other team in the league. We had not lost a game yet! What does "superior" mean?
the best
Cheerleaders are a boisterous group. They spend a lot of time jumping and shouting to energize the players and the fans. What does "boisterous" mean?
loud, noisy, energetic
Joe pledged his allegiance to his new team, even though, he missed many members of his old team. What does "allegiance" mean?
loyalty or devotion
We read a story about a selfish emperor who hired some tailors to make him some special clothes that would be invisible to stupid people. The tailors cheated him and stole his wealth. What is a theme for this story?
We should treat all people with respect and not act like we are better than others.
The continuous pounding of the hammers gave me a headache. It seemed like they had been working on the new ramp for days. What does "continuous" mean?
The gymnast was so agile. I was amazed at the graceful way she moved during the floor routine. What does "agile" mean?
flexible, able to bend and move in many ways
The auditorium looks like it is filled to capacity. I don't think we will find an empty seat. What does "capacity" mean?
The largest amount possible
We had to make a chronological time line during Social Studies when we studied the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. What does "chronological" mean?
going in order of time
What is the difference between the main idea of a story and the theme of a story?
The main idea is mostly what the story is about (a short summary). The theme is the life lesson or moral that the author wants us to remember. It may have nothing to do with the details of the story itself.
The town is so rural that most of the residents are cows! What does "rural" mean?
Keep your speech concise to save time. We have many students who need to present their reports. What does "concise" mean?
Nina was completely inept at cooking. She seemed to burn everything she tried to cook. What does "inept" mean?
have little or no skill
To satisfy the nervous new parents, the doctor performed a painstaking exam of the baby, to ensure it was healthy. What does "painstaking" mean?
careful, thorough, taking a lot of care
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