Decision Vocab
Decision Verbs
Last Week

"I will probably eat rice for dinner."

What does probably mean?

Probably means that you may do something, or you may not do something.
It's possible, but it may not happen.

What will you probably do today?


Two people have the same idea. They ______ with each other!

They agree with each other! 

What is the opposite of agree?


Do you like your neighborhood? What are the best parts? What are the worst parts?

I do/do not like my neighborhood, because...

The best parts are ____. The worst parts are ____.


Are you good at making decisions? Why or why not?

I am good at making decisions because...

I am bad at making decisions, because...

Do you like to make decisions?

What is the word for an activity you do every day, because it is part of your routine or your schedule?

A habit!

Habits can be good or bad. What are some good habits? What are some bad habits?


"He wants to learn how to build a car. He must look into what tools he needs, what steps to follow, and how much time it will take."

What does look into mean?

To look into something means to do some research or learn new things. It is the same as investigate!

What do you look into?


What is the word for the road that a person walks on?

A sidewalk!

Do you have any sidewalks in your neighborhood?


Tell me about a good decision you have made. Why was it a good decision? Was it difficult to decide?

I made a good decision when...
It was a good decision because...
It was / was not difficult to decide, because...

Have you ever made a bad decision? What happened?


"I want either ice cream or pizza."

"I want neither ice cream nor pizza."

Are these sentences the same, or different? Why?

These sentences are different!
"Either / Or" gives you two choices.

"Neither / Nor" gives you no choices.


This is an idiom for when you must make a decision, but you are not sure what to choose.

Hint: There are two possible idioms to use in this situation! 

You are torn between two things! You cannot decide.

You are on the fence! You cannot decide. 


"James is very busy with errands today. He must go to the store for his mother, then the post office, then finally stop by the bank."

What is an errand?

An errand is a small task or job that you do, either for yourself or for someone else.

Do you like to run errands?


If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you decide to go? Why?

If I could go anywhere, I would decide to go...because...