Unfamiliar Words

The air at the North Pole is FRIGID.

What is cold


Ms. Warcholik got out of the chair and looked in the mirror. The woman standing next to her put her scissors and blow dryer away and asked if she liked it. Where is Ms. Warcholik?

What is the salon!


A character has a diaper in one hand and spit up on their shirt. Who are they?

What is a parent?


I have a suitcase, a passport, and a ticket and I have to wait with a lot of other people. 

What is airport?


I use a long track. I transport heavy loads. Many tourists use me. Watch for lights to stop for me. I will show you beautiful scenery.

What is a train?


The roads are very HAZARDOUS when there is snow or rain so you must be careful.

What is dangerous?


Ms. Warcholik was driving on the highway and looked in her rearview mirror. "Uh oh," she said to herself and pulled over to the side of the road. She pulled out her wallet to look for her driver's license. What happened?

What is being pulled over?


A character needs to put on a suit that can withstand high temperatures and smoke at work. What are they?

What is a firefighter?


I am watching two men swing from pole to pole while elephants balance on a giant ball. A bunch of people get out of one tiny car and everyone laughs. Where am I?

What is the circus?

Please blow air in me. I come in many colours. I'm a symbol of celebration. Don't touch me with anything sharp. I only last a day or two.
What is a balloon

Mom enjoys some TRANQUIL time while the triplets are napping.

What is peaceful


Ms. Warcholik went to a birthday party and danced the whole time! Many people were dancing on the dance floor and bumped into Ms. Warcholik several times throughout the night. When Ms. Warcholik woke up the next day, she noticed that one of her toes was purple and blue. What happened?

What is: Ms. W got a bruise from people stepping on her feet while she danced!

A character has their patient lay down on a chair under a bright light and puts a bib on them. Next to them is a tray with metal tools 

What is a dentist


My cousin and I sat around a campfire next to a lake and ran around catching lightning bugs. Where are we?

What is camping in the woods?

You can sit me on a desk or you can hang me on a wall. Sometimes I'm big and colorful, sometimes I'm plain and small. People always want to change me. I get flipped and ripped a lot, just 'cause I keep such good track of appointments that they've got.
What is a CALENDAR

She was ASTONISHED to see her friends and family when he opened the front door. Everyone began to sing Happy Birthday to her.

What is surprise


Early Tuesday morning, Ms. W got a phone call. She then looked outside and said "A-ha! I wouldn't want to drive through that either!" Ms. W went back home and went to bed. What happened?

What is: School is cancelled due to weather.


A character picks up their badge and gets into the car where they will drive around for their whole shift. What are they?

What is a police officer


I waited patiently for the woman to come back to out table but I was starving. I hope she would come back to our table soon. Where am I?

What is a restaurant. 


I fit inside your door just right wherever you reside. But put me in your neighbor's door and you'll still be outside. There's just one hole that I fit in made especially for me.

What is a key


The abandoned house at the end of the street was DILAPEDATED. The next big storm will probably knock it down

What is old/ falling down?


Ms. Warcholik was talking on the phone and cooking chicken on the grill. She was on the phone with a friend she had not talked to in a long time. When she hung up, Ms. W checked on her chicken. "Well, I guess we're eating out tonight," she said. Why?

What is: Ms. W burnt her chicken because she was distracted.


While in costume, a character practices their lines in the mirror and waits for their cue. What are they

What is an actor?

Last night, I was out in a crowd of people who were all singing the same songs. Today, my throat hurts from yelling and my hands hurt from clapping. Where was I?

What is a concert?


I sit on your table or sometimes up on your lap, you wipe stuff on me when having a snack. 

What is a napkin

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