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What is this picture showing?

a. Rain Gutter

b. Staples

c. Stack of Dimes

b. Staples !


A four letter word used to describe a young child.

What is a... baby!
("Babe" is also an acceptable answer)


This person is not only an iconic figure to Black History, but is also known as "the first lady of American civil rights". Who was is that decided they would no longer be forced to sit at the back of the bus?

a. Harriet Tubman

b. Rosa Parks

c. Claudette Colvin 

b. Rosa Parks


What's Lani's natural hair color?

a. brown

b. black

c. blonde

e. red

b. black!


What is this picture showing?

a. Tesla Coil

b. Pasta Noodle

c. Guitar String

a. Guitar String !


A four letter word for a chemical that is known to break down or eat through things depending on how concentrated or diluted it is.

What is... acid!


In 1963, we had the first woman go into space! Which country did she come from?

a. China

b. United States

c. Australia

d. Soviet Union

d. Soviet Union

(Her name was Valentina Tereshkova!)


What language besides English does Kyin know?

a. Russian

b. Spanish

c. Chinese

d. Japanese

d. Japanese!


What is this picture showing?

a. Yarn

b. Carpet

c. Jacket Stuffing

d. Pencil Shavings

d. Pencil Shavings !


A four letter word for something that is potentially dangerous to inhale, and grows the fastest in places that are warm & wet.

What is... mold!


Every year there is a theme for Women's History Month! What is the theme for 2023?

a. Providing Healing, Promoting Hope

b. Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories 

c. Celebrating Women in STEM

b. Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories 


What is the name of Justin oldest cat?

a. Jeffery

b. Timon

c. Garfield

d. Pika (short for Pikachu)

b. Timon !


What is this picture showing?

a. Feather

b. Leaf

c. Emerald (Gem)

d. Fish Scale

b. Leaf !


A four letter word for a place that typically provides meats, cheeses, salads, and sandwiches.

What is a... deli!


Women's History Day was first held in 1909... but it wasn't until WHAT year did we get a Women's History Month?

a. 1921

b. 1963

c. 1987

d. 1994

c. 1987


What Elementary School did Zeke go to?

*hint* Some of you go here! *hint*

B.F. Day !


What is this picture showing?

*hint* It's something you use in the club *hint*

A Drinking Fountain Button !


A four letter word to describe when something is warm and comfortable.

*hint* It's also the name for something that goes over hot/cold things to keep them that way for longer! *hint*

What is... cozy!

(COSY is also acceptable as a British/Canadian spelling)


Who was Ruth Bader Ginsburg? (Hint: more than 1 is correct!)

a. The 2nd Female Justice on the Supreme Court who served for 27 years

b. An American Lawyer who practiced law for 13 years

c. The first female professor at Columbia University to earn tenure (a permeant position)

A, B & C

They're all true!!


Esther was born where?

(*Hint: it's a state in the USA)

(Double hint: it's the Longhorn state)


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