The Falcon And The Winter Soldier
What If?
Agent Carter

This town is the place where its own village and citizens fell under the control of Wanda Maximoff.

What is Westview


She is the leader of the Flag Smashers and she is said to be the MCU's youngest villain.

Who is Karli Morgenthau


This is the name of the authority that took Loki in after creating a branched timeline.

What is the TVA or the Time Variance Authority.


This was the nexus event in the first episode of What If.

What is Peggy Carter choosing to stay outside of the viewing box and taking the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers.


Before working for SHIELD, Peggy Carter worked at this company in the ABC show Agent Carter.

What is the SSR or the Strategic Scientific Reserve.


This is the type of magic or ability that can alter or reconstruct realities as its powers. (Used by the Scarlet Witch)

What is Chaos Magic


This is the alias Sam Wilson had to disguise himself as in Madripoor.

Who is Conrad Mack or the Smiling Tiger


She is the female variant of Loki, who the TVA were looking for in Roxxcart.

Who is Sylvie Laufeydottir.


In this episode, this was the person Doctor Stephen Strange tried to save in What If, episode 4.

Who is Doctor Christine Palmer.


This person is Peggy Carter's bestfriend and roommate in the show.

Who is Angie Martinelli.


In this episode, they finally played the song "Agatha All Along" In its soundtrack.

What is Episode 7: Breaking the Fourth Wall


Sharon Carter was said to be this villain in the show.

Who is the Power Broker


This is the name of the planet/ moon Sylvie and Loki ended up on in the third episode of the show.

What is Lamentis- 1


This was the nickname Nebula kept calling T'challa in the second of episode of the show.

What is Cha-Cha


This person was the main villain in season 2 of Agent Carter.

Who is Whitney Frost.


This is the real name of the resident in Westview who was taken under the thrall of Agatha Harkness as Pietro Maximoff.

Who is Ralph Bohner


This is the name of the fishing boat owned by Sam Wilson and his family.

What is Paul And Darlene


This creature is the guardian of the Void, this creature was also tasked as the gatekeeper of The Citadel at the End Of Time.

Who is Alioth.


This person was revealed to be behind all of the heroes deaths in the third episode of What If.

Who is Hank Pym.


This is where season 2 of the show took place in most of the episodes.

Where/ What is Los Angeles.


These are the names of the fraternal twins Wanda Maximoff gave birth to in Episode 3: Now in Color.

Who are Billy and Tommy


These are the three rules Dr. Raynor told Bucky to follow if he was going to make amends to someone.

What are:

1. Don't Do Anything Illegal

2. Don't Hurt Anyone

3. Introducing himself to the people on his list as James Buchanan Barnes, formerly the Winter Soldier 


Chris Hemsworth made a secret and small cameo as this Thor variant that appeared in Loki: Episode 5.

Who is Frog Thor.

Because Scarlett Johansson couldn't voice the role of Natasha Romanoff in the show, this person was the replacement of her voice.

Who is Lake Bell.


This company came in conflict with the Strategic Scientific Reserve by stealing weapons developed by Howard Stark.

What is Leviathan.

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