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What should I do when I enter class each day?

Get a Do Now and pencil from the Take One Table up front, put your tech away, sit down and work it quietly. Once you finish the Do Now, get your folder/notebook and your Learning Habits Sheet from the cart and follow any instructions on the board.


In the expression  3 \cdot b^x  the "b" is called the...


We call "x" the exponent and the 3 is considered the coefficient of the exponential expression.

We will be learning how to find and use exponential models for situations in this class.


Will we be working in groups or individually?

Learning is richest and most effectively when it occurs through collaboration and communication. So, a lot of activities will involve you sharing or speaking with your peers. 

Most grades are individual and test what you can do on your own, although that grade could be assessed on you presenting or contributing to group work.


Where is Ms. Reiber from?

Columbus, Ohio. I went to college at Northwestern (Illinois, north of Chicago) and grad school at Notre Dame (northern Indiana), so I am kindof from there, too! 

I have lived in CO for 15 years.


What do I do if I need help?

Know first and foremost, it is okay to want and need help, and that I WANT to help you, too! Study hall is a great option as follow up outside of class, but there are lots of strategies for in class or when you are not in school. Let's come up with a big list of things you might do & write them down!  


What kinds of assignments will we have?

Accountability grade assignments: iXL and Khan skills, class discourse and key participation scores, Learning Habits Accountability Tracker scores, pre-assessment 

Mastery grade assignments: Key exit tickets (typically 2/week), projects, capstone practice, quizzes, midterm exam

Final Exam (During finals week)


This is the distance from the top of a wave (relative maximum) to the midline for a sine or cosine curve, which is the length of the green dotted line shown below.

What is amplitude? 

(note midline is the red line, and the purple bracket is showing the period=the horizontal length of one "wave" of the graph).


Where will I find the assignments for class?

Our Schoology course will house the gradebook and a daily page with assignments and links to any outside resources you will use to complete assignments, which will possibly include:

Desmos Student Activities

IL Classroom

iXL and Khan Academy



Does Ms. Reiber have other family in CO?

Yes! I live with my husband, Rob. My parents live a mile away. My sister and her husband live a mile in the other direction and have two daughters who are in kindergarten and 3rd grade. They are super cute and fun. Ask to see pictures!


What if I need to leave class?

We have a 5 min restroom pass you can use to take to the restroom during the "middle 55" minutes of class. Students should stay in class during the first 10 min and last 10 min of any period, to make sure you start and end every class strong without missing key directions and assignments.

If you have an urgent need to leave the room outside of restroom, ask Ms. Reiber and she will work with you to meet the need. 


I have work missing because (I missed class, I didn't finish it, or I forgot to do it at home). Do I have to get a 0? What should I do?

1. Go to the make up work tray (or Schoology) to see what you missed and to find directions for how to submit that work.

2. Follow instructions to submit work. For full credit, it must be submitted within 2 days of returning to class/when it was assigned. 

3. When I grade anything, you have the opportunity to revise it for partial credit (up to 90%) until the Late Work deadline. You can earn back full credit for iXL/Khan.

4. In extreme circumstances, you may be eligible for a late work turn in extension request through the Principal.


When I need to find an unknown exponent, such as the number x that solves the equation

4\cdot 10^x=193

, I need to use these.

What are logarithms?


How will we be using iXL?

Most classes will include time for iXL, Khan Academy, or other online practice. You will be given specific assignments to do. Go to and select sign in!

I will give you your iXL username and password (they are usually the same as your Schoology login and password).

Be sure to save your login from Chrome and check that you're logged in before you start practicing, or else I won't have a record of your work. You can check off assignments when you meet mastery on our iXL tracker by the shared work wall.


True or False: My husband and I are "high school sweethearts"


We started dating as seniors and met when we were 14. We were in several plays together in high school. But we got married 15 years ago when I finished grad school.

I have known Rob since "Friends" first aired (1994).


May I use a calculator, ruler, whiteboard marker, pen, or eraser? If I need a particular classroom supply, can I keep it?

You are empowered to get the tools you need for most activities we do in class. The materials shelves have tubs/cups with supplies you may need. Please be thoughtful and offer them to others when you go up to get some, and be sure to return them when you finish. I will tell you when you are restricted in what you can use.

-Graphing calculators require you to trade in your phone while you are using them. To get your phone back, return the calculator to its slot.

-Supplies in my room for everyone that you can take with you: pencils, erasers. If you destroy a pencil (remove eraser, break in half), you need to replace it or help me out in some way to repair the harm to the community. 

-if you borrow a marker, highlighter, calculator, ruler, I expect it is returned at the end of class. Please be respectful of the supplies we have so we can enjoy these tools and they last for the term. 

-Candy and stickers are rewards or joy I dole out (or students nominate others to be given), so expect I will challenge you to earn them in some way.


Can I eat during class?

You may eat in class during nourishment times: breakfast in advisement, am food time 11-11:19am, lunch 12:36-1:03 (if it's my open lunch day), and pm food time 3-3:20pm. Please be tidy and respectful of the space when you eat in class.


This tool is round, and any point on it has a corresponding radian-measure "reference angle" measured counterclockwise from (1,0). 

The x and y coordinates of the points on it correspond to the values of trigonometric functions for the radian angles. 

What is the unit circle?


What is Desmos, and how do I log on?

Desmos is an interactive scientific and graphing platform. We will sometimes use activities from Desmos to do our classwork, or we will create things in the Desmos graphing calculator. 

To log on, I will give you a link or a lesson code (go to From Google chrome, you should select "log in using Google account" so it connects to your @dpsk12 student account to log you in.


What do you want to be called?

I prefer "Mrs. Reiber" or "Reiber" to "Miss". You can also call me "Math Teacher" if you forget, but I may give you the stinkeye. When you graduate, you get to call me "Allegra!"

More than how you refer to me, I care about you respecting me and building a relationship with me. If you come up with another name that represents how you show that respect, I'm open to it.


What if I have a conflict or don't feel comfortable with how the teacher or peers are treating me?

Please say something in whatever way you are able! Options include: quick chat with me in the moment or during lunch, "express post it" put under the keyboard of my desk, comment box, if it's a Thursday: mention in your End of Week reflection portion of the Learning Habits Accountability Tracker, complete a Core Value Referral or drop a note in Ms. Campbell's box outside her office. She is there to help you when you're not sure how to address these issues.

No matter what, you should know you belong and are welcome, and we have an obligation as your community to repair the harm and change to meet your needs going forward.


What can I expect of you, my teacher?

-Greet you and pay attention to how you’re doing

-Respect every student

-Help you when you’re stuck

-Enjoy what we are doing in class

-Hold you to learning

-Ask you to participate


This is the number equal to approximately 2.7818, which is used for continuously compounded interest.

What is 



What is "Which One Doesn't Belong"  (wodb)?

WODB is really common as a Do Now or opening "hook" activity!  You will be given several (usually 4) items or pictures, and you pick which one you think is different from the others and why. This is designed to help you look for similarities and differences and to practice using mathematical academic language. 

Ex: "B doesn't belong because it has a common ratio less than 1 while the other 3 all have bases greater than 1"

 Sometimes I may have you stand up and walk to the corner that matches your choice to discuss with like-minded partners. 


True or false: Ms. Reiber is a published author


I have abstracts for research posters and talks published and included in proceedings for conferences with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Oberwolfach Research Institute, and Mathematical Association of America. 

I also have published a lot of instructional math videos to the web on that you might want to check out.


What if I am bad at math? What if I hate it?

YOU are NOT bad at math! You are a competent, intelligent, worthy person who can and will do great mathematical thinking in this class. If your past math experiences have not made you feel that identity, I want to support you in growing into it. We will make sure our 3rd, 4th, 5th way and growth mindset shapes how we bring out your very best, and by communicating about your struggles and needs, you'll get to growth with less pain.


What do I do with my notebook?

Your notebook and folder are for you to take notes, practice, and study.  Most students leave them in the classroom.  Others carry notebooks with them so they can do work and studying at home as well. If you are concerned you may not remember to bring the notebook back, I recommend you take pictures of key problems or definitions you wrote in your notebook so you can "take them home" on your phone or through your Google drive.


What is the Pythagorean Identity?

For any real number radian measure angle x, 



What if I forget where I need to go next period?

You can check your schedule in Infinite Campus (IC). I have instructions on how to do that in the "how to" binder on the materials shelf.

I can also find your current schedule in IC. Please be sure to ask at a time when I can meet that need without impacting the amount of learning happening in class.

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