Reasoning and Solving Problems
Comparison Word Problems
Problems With More Than One Step
Analyzing Patterns

Simplify this expression (5z - z) - z = _______



Write an equation using a variable to solve this problem. Then solve the problem:

 Fred has 72 football cards and Scott has 6 football cards. How many times as many football cards does Fred have as Scott has?

What is 72/6 = f, f= 12 times as many cards.


Use an equation to solve.

 Admission to the theme park is $32 for each adult. A group of 5 adults and 1 child pays $182 to enter the theme park. How much is a child's ticket to the theme park?

What is $182 - (5 x 32) = t, t =$22


What is a factor pair of 8?

1, 8

2, 4


An _______________ is one or more numbers, variables, or numbers and variables with one or more operations.

What is an expression.


Write an equation for this problem: then solve it. There were some people at the arts and crafts fair. Then 347 people went home. Now 498 people are at the fair. How many people were at the fair before?

What is p-347=498 or p+347=498 p= 845 people.


Write and solve an equation using variables to solve.

 In July, 74,371 people visited an art museum. In August, 85,595 people visited the art museum. How many fewer people visited the art museum in July than in August?

What is 95,595-74,371=p, p= 21,224 fewer people.


Use an equation to solve. 

The soccer club has 127 members. The baseball club has 97 members. Both clubs will meet to discuss a fundraiser. The members will be seated at tables of 8 members each. How many tables will they use?

What is (127 + 97) / 8 = t, t = 28 tables


List the factor pairs of 63.

What is 1x 63, 7x9, 3x21


An __________ is a statement that two expressions are equal. It has an equal sign.

What is an equation.


Write an equation using variables to solve the problem. Then solve the problem. The apples from an average size tree will fill 20 baskets. If an orchard has 17 average sized trees, how many baskets of apples can it produce?

What is 20 x 17 = B, B=340 baskets


Write and solve an equation using a variable to solve the problem: 

During the first lunch period, 54 students ate hot lunch. This 9 fewer students than the ones who ate hot lunch during the second lunch period. How many students ate hot lunch during the second lunch period?

What is 54 + 9 = s, s=63


Make an equation to solve. 

A toy factory made 715 small stuffed bears and packed them in boxes with 5 bears in each box. Then they made 693 large stuffed bears and packed them in boxes with 3 bears in each box. All the boxes of small and large bears are loaded into a truck for delivery. How many boxes are loaded into the truck?

What is (715/5) + (693/3) = b, b= 374 boxes


use the rule to complete the pattern. Rule: skip count by 50:

 50, ____, ____, ____, ____, ____, ____, _____

What is 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400


A ________ __________ is a type of equation that shows the operation that can be used to solve a problem.

What is a solution equation.


Write an equation using variables to solve the problem. A group of scientists spends 3,980 hours observing the behavior of monarch butterflies. They spend some more hours recording their observations. Altogether, the scientists spend 5726 hours observing the butterflies and recording their observations. How many hours do the scientists spend recording their observations?

What is 3,980 +r = 5,726 or 5,726-3,980= r, r=1,746 hours.


Solve this comparison problem: 

Stephen and Rocco were playing a video game together. Stephen scored 2,500 points which is 5 times as many points as Rocco scored. How many points did Rocco score?

What is 5 x p = 2500 or p = 500


Solve this equation: 

Pam has 9 bags of apples. Each bag contains 6 apples. There are 3 bags of red apples and 1 bag of green apples. The rest of the bags contain yellow apples. How many more yellow apples are there than red apples?

What is 12 more yellow apples.


Use the rule to find the next three terms in the pattern. Rule: add 30

 115, 145, 175, 205, 235,

What is 265, 295, 325


A _________ ____ for a number is a pair of whole numbers whose product is that number.

What is a factor pair?


Write a situation and solution equation for this word problem: 

Susie had 465 apples. She gave her brother some. Now she only has 200. How many apples did Susie give to her brother?

Situation equation: 465 - a = 200

Solution Equation: 465 - 200 = 265


Write and solve an equation using variables for this: 

Kyle and Mackenzie are playing a computer game. Kyle scored 7,628 points. Mackenzie scored 2,085 fewer points than Kyle. How many points did Mackenzie score?

What is p + 2085 = 7,628 or 7,628 - 2085 =p, p= 5,543


Solve this equation: 

Clay works on a farm. He packaged eggs into containers that hold 1 dozen eggs each. He filled 4 containers with white eggs and 5 containers with brown eggs. How many eggs did Clay collect? Hint: one dozen eggs= 12 eggs.

What is 108 eggs.


What is the rule for each pattern: 

Pattern 1: 64, 72, 80, 88 

Pattern 2: 8, 16, 24, 32

Pattern 1: add 8, Pattern 2: add by 8


What does each letter of PEMDAS stand for?







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