Closeout in Apollo
Summer Policies and Procedures
Fiscal Guidance / Administrative

T/F -

STAAR Assessments must be entered into Apollo during the closeout process. 


There are no requirements for entering STAAR or EOC assessments during Closeout. Standardized Assessments will no longer be used to qualify improvement in Academics, however, STAAR and EOC data may be used to speak about the impact of CIS on academic improvement of CIS CM status on campus.


T/F -

All students participating in a CISCT summer programming are required to wear a CISCT identification wristbands at all times. 

False - 

Student must have CISCT wristband during all Field Trips. This allows staff to easily identify students, especially in crowds or heavily trafficked locations/facilities. It is your choice to have them wear one while you are on campus.


T/F -

CPR certificates are only required for staff who will take students on field trips.

False! CPR certification is required for anyone who will be around students in summer programming.


When Shrek tries to explain himself to Donkey in Shrek, what does he compare himself to?

Onions with layers 


When must we update the Campus Goal EOY Metrics and the Goal Outcome?

This can be done either before summer break or in August, depending upon when the Campus goal metric is available. 


If a student is inactivated or otherwise (moved, refused, etc.) CIS services before assessment is completed, what documentation needs to be uploaded? What should the documentation contain?

Documentation that contains name, grade, and school name. All ABA documentation should be uploaded.


T/F -

Students can be taken to swim in open bodies of water (lakes, creeks, oceans, rivers), non municipal operated pool, water parks.



All of these are Prohibited Water activities. 


Swimming at a Municipal Run pool o Check the pool/city rules for taking “groups” to the pool before planning your Field Trip – The City of Austin requires a Group Pool pass to use their Aquatic Facilities

Splash Pads

 Recreational water activities and field trips facilitated by trained/certified staff/organizations (lifejackets are required to be worn by all students)

o Kayaking

o Canoeing

o Paddle Boarding


Divvy/Bill Summer Food purchases must include what in order to get approved?

Student Sign in/out form

Itemized receipt 


What does the acronym "IJBOL" mean to our students.

I just burst out laughing  


New requirement this year - All CIS students in the 12th grade are required to have what score entered into Apollo this school year?

At least the highest TSI scores for each assessment area (Math, Reading, Writing)


Which section on Apollo do ABA documentations get uploaded to?

'Files' section of the Program Engagement record.


Head Counts need to happen how often?

Every 15 minutes


What do you need to have on file in order to be approved to drive students on field trips?

  • Copy of current driver’s license on file with HR
  • Copy of current automobile liability Insurance with HR
  • Proof of valid Texas safety inspection on file with HR
  • Signed Transporting Students and Employee Liability Doc Signed and sent to Tonnyna
  • Permission from student's guardian

How many teeth does an adult human have? 

A. 32

B. 30

C. 28

D. 42

A. 32

What is the highest-grossing movie of all time?

A. Titanic
B. Avatar
C. Avengers: Endgame
D. Star Wars: The Force Awakens




What happens when you select 'Continue Services Next Year' for a student during closeout?

A new recommendation form is created for you to serve the student next year! 


What are the required ratios on campus and field trips?

Required 1:5 – One adult for every five students during any field trips.


Name 5 admin tasks you can work on during your admin days in the summer.

- Apollo Closeout/ABA/Audit tasks

- Entering data from summer field trips

- EOY Closeout Checklist 

- Campus Needs Assessment

- Pack up, move, reorganize classroom/ purge old furniture/supplies / Inventory of all your larger items

- Complete Divvy/Bill

- Create new partnerships for next school year (donors, volunteers, etc.) 

- EOY Principal Meeting 

- Begin planning for services (new mentoring or tutoring program, Service Learning Projects, etc.) 

- Review all Stakeholder Surveys and create task list for yourself and your program 


In Mean Girls, Cady moves to Illinois from which continent?

A. Australia
B. Europe
C. Africa
D. Asia



What is PMD's recommended time allotment for closeout for a caseload of 75 students?

18-30 hours 


What are all the steps necessary for a completed Closeout for a student on your caseload?

1. Complete all Audit Tasks

2. Enter Feedback Surveys 

3. Enter End of Year Assessments (SHAW)

4. Enter Final Grading Period Data

5. Upload final ABA Documentation 

6. Identify Students Continuing Services

7. Update Final Promotion Status 


What are the necessary things that you need with you during summer programming?  

Summer Binder includes

  • Students consent forms (Summer Programming and Field Trip Forms) (copies)
  • Medication Forms
  • Sign In/Sign Out Form
  • Tax Exempt Form
  • Incident Report
  • Printed Copy of Field Trip Plan

  • Charger 
  • Divvy Card
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Medication
  • CISCT Wristbands 

How do we log administering stakeholder surveys to students, families and campus staff on Apollo?

In order to create an easy way to track which students, family members, and campus staff have received the Community Feedback Survey, there is a new service code 7033fs that should be logged twice for each student on caseload; once for when the Student Feedback Survey is completed, and once for when the Family Feedback Survey is sent home.

Logging a 7033sf for Student Surveys. A 7033sf should be logged for each student with whom you complete the Student Survey. This can be logged as either a Tier II or Tier III Direct Service.

You can use a Service Schedule or the Bulk Service Delivery Tool to log this service.

Logging a 7033sf for Family Surveys. A 7033sf should be logged for each family that you send the survey out to, whether via paper, QR code, link, etc. This should be logged as a Tier III Indirect Service, since you are not completing the survey with the family member. Unless you are, in which case you could log it as a Direct Service.

Logging a 7033sf for Campus Staff Surveys. When the Campus Staff Survey is shared, direct service staff should log a School-wide Service utilizing this service code and indicating the number of Campus Staff the survey was shared with. If shared in batches, additional school-wide services may be logged. Please keep in mind that this is an indirect service and does not count toward meeting School-wide Service program requirements.

What year was the first iPhone released? 

A. 2003

B. 2005

C. 2007

D. 2008

B. 2007


What does WWW stand for? 

A. World Wide Web

B. World Web Warriors

C. Wide World Web

D. Web Wide Word

A. World Wide Web