Coping Skills
Mental Health Disorders
Celebs and Mental Health
Good or Bad/Information


No one can help your stress. You are all alone.

What is false?


This is the developmental stage that most mental health disorders present.

What is adolescence?

True or False: Medication is the only treatment method that works for mental health problems.



This quirky animated movie personifies the different emotions inside a young girl’s mind.

+25 Bonus: What are the 5 specific emotions depicted in the film

What is Inside Out?

Bonus: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger


Celia gets a D on her recent Math test. She yells at her teacher and runs out of the classroom. Is this a healthy or unhealthy coping strategy?

Unhealthy coping strategy


How can talking with someone about a hard time be helpful? Give two reasons.

Process what is going on-share your feelings, work out what is going on and explore what you can do about it.

Feel better

Don't feel alone/Feel cared for

Create a connection between people


1 in ___ children ages 13-18, have or will have a serious mental illness.

What is 5?


Excessive anxiety and worry about things we cannot control for 6 months that prevents people from enjoying daily activities characterizes what mental health disorder

What is an Anxiety Disorder? 

Extra information: This is formally called generalized anxiety disorder.


The artist famous for his painting "The Starry Night" was prone to psychotic episodes and many historians agree that he may have had schizophrenia. 

Who is Vincent Van Gogh?


Who are the three mental health professionals in 610?

Who is Ms. Horowitz, Dr. Ezra, and Ms. Munoz-Gonzalez?


Name one unhealthy way of coping with your emotions.

Emotional overeating, self-harm, isolation, impulsive/risky behavior, avoidance.


What year was Mental Health Awareness Month created in the United States?

A. 1935

B. 1949

C. 1958


Mental Health Awareness Month has been recognized and celebrated since 1949. President Barack Obama signed a proclamation confirming May as National Mental Health Awareness Month in 2013.


Increased/decreased appetite, feeling sadness, and hopelesness are symptoms of what mental illness?

a. Anxiety disorder

b. Bipolar disorder

c. Depression

What is depression (c)?


In the show Ginny and Georgia on Netflix, Ginny engages in this behavior to deal with the stressors in her life.

What is self-harm?

*Burns herself


Priscilla is about to walk in to class for an English test. She feels nervous so she takes long deep breaths to calm her anxiety. Is this a healthy or unhealthy coping strategy?

Healthy coping strategy


Name 3 positive coping skills that can be used when feeling nervous.

What is deep breathing, exercise, creating art, talking with a friend/adult, having a snack, sports, listening to music etc.


____ years is the average delay between onset of mental health symptoms and treatment.

A. 3

B. 5

C. 8

D. 11

What is 11 (D)?


This is what the acronym OCD stands for.

What is obsessive compulsive disorder?


The world's most beloved Princess (Prince Harry and William's mother) struggled for years with an eating disorder.

Who is Princess Diana?


Noelle has a research paper due on Friday. Because the paper requires so much work, Noelle feels anxious everytime she thinks about it. Noelle procrastinates to avoid her feelings of anxiety and does the paper the night before.

Unhealthy coping strategy.


Expressing good things from your day or telling someone you appreciate them is a coping skill known as _____________.

What is gratitude?


This is the most common mental illness in America.

A. Depression 

B. Anxiety

C. Anorexia Nervosa

D. Bulimia Nervosa

What is anxiety (B)?


Name the three main types of responses to stress:

HINT: all three start with the letter "F"

Flight, Fight, Freeze


This olympic gold medalist did not compete in the 2021 summer olympics because of a mental health issue.

Who is Simone Biles?


Petra and her friend got in a fight two weeks ago and now Petra sits with other people at lunch and refuses to call her friend back. Is this an unhealthy or healthy coping strategy?

Unhealthy Coping Strategy.