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This is a mental and physical reaction to perceived threats. In small doses it can be helpful. It can protect  us from danger, and focus our attention on problems. However, when it is too severe, or occurs too frequently, it can be debilitating 



Describe the 5-4-3-2-1 coping skill. It helps by bringing you back to the present moment!

  • 5 things you see
  • 4 things you feel
  • 3 things you hear
  • 2 things you smell
  • 1 thing you taste

The idea is that the 5-4-3-2-1 technique helps you shift your focus to what’s currently happening around you instead of what's making you feel anxious. 


Name the football team that plays in Jacksonville Florida...

Jacksonville Jaguars 


True or False: medication is the only treatment method that works for mental health problems. 

False: medication can be helpful, but therapy and counseling are also effective forms of overcoming mental illness. 


This daytime talk show host and voice of an animated forgetful fish has opened up about her struggles with depression

Ellen DeGeneres 


This is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way  you think and how you act. Common symptoms include: loss of interest in enjoyable activities, change in appetite, sleep disturbances, loss of energy, thoughts of death and suicide



People suffering from depression tend to _________, so it is important to connect with friends and family to increase _________.

Isolate, socialization 


Name one baseball team in the American Central division....

Minnesota Twins

Chicago White Sox

Kansas City Royals

Cleveland Guardians 


What are two things that can promote positive mental health?

Exercise, mindfulness, positive friendships, talking about your problems, having an outlet for anger and frustration, getting enough sleep, eating healthy...??


This Olympic swimmer was diagnosed with ADHD at age 9 which made it hard for him to concentrate in school

Michael Phelps


These symptoms are brief but overwhelming. The intensity of this symptom can go beyond normal limits. Common experiences include: fear that they are having a heart attack, breathing difficulties, sweating or they are dying

Panic attacks


Negative thinking is a defining feature of depression. Positive experiences are minimized, while negative ones are magnified. Expressing three good things from your day is a coping strategy known as ________



Which American female tennis star has won 23 grand slam titles?

Serena Williams 


True or false: all stress is bad.

False. Some stress can be motivating and is a natural reaction your body has to certain events. It can sometimes give us an "extra push". When stress becomes too much to handle, that might be an indication to start making some positive mental health changes


This classical composer was diagnosed with a serious case of Bipolar disorder - which is characterized by periods of extreme highs and extreme lows.  



This is one of the tools your body uses to protect you from danger. When you feel threatened, this automatic response is triggered and several physiological changes occur 

Fight-or-flight response


This is the practice of focusing the mind to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.

What is meditation


Which year was the very first for the NFL?



Name 3 things you can do to help a friend who thinks they may have a mental health problem.

Listen to them, spend time with them, encourage them to seek help, help them make appointments/go with them. If it is serious then tell someone else


This female superstar who is married to Jay-Z has struggled with depression



This disorder is a combination of a manic phase (sudden onset of exhilaration and excessive good mood), and a depressive phase (feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, and sadness)



This is a simple technique that is excellent for managing emotions. Not only is it effective, but is also discreet and easy to use at any time and any place. 

Deep Breathing


which NBA team holds the most championship titles? 

LA Lakers and Boston Celtics (both have incredibly 17). 


What is the national suicide phone number and text number?

1800-273-TALK (8255)

Text: TX to 741741


This 16th president of the United States suffered from depression and anxiety attacks

Abraham Lincoln


five types of symptoms characteristic of schizophrenia:

delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior, and the so-called “negative” symptoms.


Why are changes stressful?

Changes require us to ______ and _______

adjust and adapt... experiencing too many changes within a brief period of time often creates the idea that we aren't in control of events


Name two active players on the Kansas City Chiefs....

53 answers 


This is a type of meditation where you focus on the intenseness of what you are feeling or sensing at the moment

What is mindfulness


This actor /comedian died in 2014 due to mental health issues.

Robin Williams