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Trivia 2

How many dimensions were there in 20w14infinite?

2,147,483,647 (instead of the usual 3)


How does a player obtain a bow without having the ability to obtain string and also does not have string?

by killing skeletons and getting lucky!


What is the creature spawned when you place four soul sand in a T shape and place three wither skeleton skulls on top?

The Wither


What if a wither spawning structures are built in peaceful difficulty?

Nothing will happen


Do you need five sand and four gun powder or five gun powder and four sand to make TNT?

five gun powder and four sand


Can converted drowned spawn with tridents?

no, only natural drowned can spawn with tridents.


Are enchanted golden apples renewable after 1.9?

No, they can only be obtained in chests.


How are brewing stands obtained if a player has not gone to the Nether? (This cannot involve going to the Nether or things that can only be obtained in the Nether).

Brewing stands are generated in village churches so a player could mine them with an iron or better pickaxe. 

What is the rarest mob in Minecraft?

a baby zombie villager jockey wearing full enchanted diamond armor in easy difficulty


How are arrows of decay obtained in survival mode?

Getting lucky when a fletcher villager upgrades to master level and buying it from them.

What are the methods of obtaining diamond armor renewably?

buying it from maxed armorer villagers and being lucky when extremely rare zombies and skeletons are killed


What happens if a creeper with a status effect explodes?

an area effect cloud with the effect spawns.


If a creeper and a skeleton were in a battle, who would win?

The skeleton will win because creepers only try to attack players (however the battle would never start because skeletons don't intentionally try to kill creepers)


What was the word in the guardian and elder guardian texture file?

before 1.14: jeb.


How does a player obtain ender pearls in a world that has always been and will always be in peaceful difficulty?

A player can obtain emeralds in Village chests and can obtain gold by mining so players can level up cleric villagers by buying things from them with emeralds which can be obtained by looting villages or by trading with them. If the cleric has reached expert level and the player is lucky, they will sell ender pearls which the player can buy from them.


How does one spawn a giant?

/summon minecraft:giant. Giants are unused and will always face south and will never move unless they're in a minecart facing a different direction. 


If a wither was battling the Ender Dragon in the end, would the withers win or would the dragon win?

The Wither because the Ender Dragon will only intentionally attack players, however it would take a long time because the Wither would get distracted by enderman.

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