The Minecraft Mall That Made History

What is the first ever Minecraft Mall built and owned by CaptainSparklez?

Mall of Minecraft (Opened All the Way Back in 1.0 [Adventure Update: Part 2]).


What was the first mall in Bedrock Edition? HINT: This mall was built when it was called Pocket Edition and was once named "Mall of Pocket Edition".

Bedrock Mall (Opened in 1.1).


How many malls are left in Xbox 360 Edition?

Only One (Thomas Mall Opened in 1.3) as of 1.20.5 (April 24, 2024)!


What is the oldest Minecraft mall in the PS3 edition?

Westminster Mall (opened in 1.4 [Pretty Scary Update]).


What version did the Minecraft mall originally open?

1.6 (Horse Update).


Rank the three biggest Minecraft malls in Java Edition.

1. New Alleron Mall (1.20.1-present)

2. (Old) Alleron Mall (1.12.2-present)

3. Mall of Minecon (1.2-present)


What was Minecraft's first abandoned mall in history, closing in 1.5, on March 26, 2013, due to underperformance and because players stopped going to the mall and went to the nearby Crystal Ball Mall, which opened during 1.2.3, its rival? HINT: The abandoned mall is used on the "Abandoned Mall Hide and Seek" map.

Notch Rover Mall.


What is the most famous Xbox One abandoned Minecraft mall that was remembered ever since closing in 1.13 (Update Aquatic)?

One Two Three Mall (Opened in 1.8 [Bountiful Update]).


When did PS4's oldest Minecraft mall open?

1.5 (Redstone Update) as a shopping plaza. Enclosed in 1.7 (The Update that Changed the World).


What version did the Minecraft mall close it's doors for good? What was the cause?

1.8 (Bountiful Update). Limited use causing decline and deterioration.


What was the deadest mall in Minecraft history? History: This mall opened on December 8, 2013, which was the third day of 1.7.4, two weeks before 360 Lane Mall. The mall had a peak of four anchor stores, and 44 small stores. It was a pretty small mall compared to 360 Lane Mall. Sadly though, the mall lacked renovations, and the decline started when the combat update came out, which was the update that made the Mall's builder and owner quit playing Minecraft for good because he didn't like the update. By early 1.11, three out of it's four anchors, Sears, JCPenney, and Macy's, left the mall, and the last two mentioned moved to 360 Lane Mall in the Xbox 360 version, filling the vacant Kennedy's (that store closed after only six bug fixes in 1.7.10 due to bankruptcy) and Gary's (that store closed in 1.8.7 due to bankruptcy). Three days after the release of version 1.12, which was on June 10, 2017, Target closed it's location, moving to an abandoned, but newly renovated, alone store. That left the mall with no remaining anchors, basically making it a dead mall. On January 8, 2018, the mall made it's announcement that it was going to close it's doors for good at some point on February 12, 2018. On February 11, 2018, the day before the Mall's closure, the last small stores left the mall, making it very empty. The whole mall itself closed the day after, leaving memories and abandoned minecarts behind. The mall was completely falling apart ever since it's closure. Monsters were spawning, and the cobwebs were getting bigger and bigger as the game updated to today's version.

Park Mall.


What is the mall that is owned by Bedrock Edition's best player?

None. The player does NOT own any malls, and he has NOT even built one in his Minecraft career.


What Xbox 360 malls were filmed on YouTube videos by BuildsByThomas?

Thomas Mall and Paddock Mall.


What was the once best Minecraft mall in PS3 Edition, now in decline? PS4 Edition?

PS3: Westminster Mall, also the oldest Minecraft mall in the edition itself.

PS4: PS Mall in Minecraft PS4 Edition (not to be confused with PS Mall in Minecraft PS3 Edition).


What did the Minecraft mall turn into after being abandoned for two whole years, but for just one entire update? What version did it open?

Gears Mall. 1.9 (Combat Update).


What are the three newest malls in Minecraft as of 1.20.5 (April 24, 2024)?

1. Brennan Percy Mall (opening on the first day of 1.21 [the next update])

2. Ender Mall (the first ever Minecraft Mall in the End dimension) (opened during 1.20.4 [previous update])

3. Mr. P9's Shopping Mall (the smallest mall in Minecraft history) (opened during 1.20.4 [previous update])


What is the abandoned Minecraft mall that is used for PVP, which closed on the second day of 1.7 (October 26, 2013)?

Willamette Park Mall.


What was the biggest Minecraft Xbox 360 Mall before closing on the last day of 1.18.2, before 1.19 was released (June 6, 2022)? Xbox One?

Xbox Hills Mall. One Shopping Center (closed in 1.19.3).


What is the Minecraft Mall that became a charter school in 1.19?

Gears Mall.


What version did Gears Mall close it's doors for good?

1.14 (Village and Pillage).


How many Minecraft Malls were built in Java Edition?

About a thousand!


What are the best and worst Minecraft malls in Bedrock Edition?

Best: Evergreen Grove Mall - Opened in 1.17, the mall houses over 150 stores, making the mall have the most stores in all of Bedrock Edition!

Worst: Mineshaft Signal Mall - Opened in 1.9, the mall's peak was only about 70 stores. When the Nether Update came, which was 1.16, the mall started it's decline. Ever since the mall was deteriorating. Escalators stopped working, and every anchor stores left, the last anchor stores, which was The Redstone Store left on June 7, 2022, the day 1.19 came, part of closing 24 underperforming locations, leaving the mall with no anchors, making it a dead mall. The mall closed for good during 1.20.4, leaving behind abandoned minecarts scattered along the mall.


When did Xbox 360's 360 Lane Mall open, get renovated, and close, leaving memories behind?

Opening Date (Version): January 2, 2014 (1.7.4)

Renovation Duration (Versions): One minor renovation of it's parks took place from late 1.10, through all of 1.11, to early 1.12.

Closing Date (Version): March 6, 2024 (1.20.4)


What was the Minecraft mall that made history?

Mall of Fame.


Was the Gears Mall abandoned? What did it turn into?

Definitely yes. The Minecraft mall was abandoned for over three years. That was five major updates since the mall's closure. Charter school.