Impact to School Function
Impact to Child's Future
Truancy Solutions/Consequences

What are the end of the year incentives for perfect attendance at Trentwood?

Bikes, helmets and locks generously donated by the folks at Golden State Foods!


What happens to the instruction in the classroom if too many students are absent?

Instruction becomes delayed or disrupted in attempts to catch those up and keep the pace of the instruction consistent.


Which grade in school is likely to see the most absences?



Who is responsible to ensure a child's attendance?

Students, Parents, School leaders and Community Leaders.


True or False, if your parent calls the attendance office, your absence is always considered excused

False! Unacceptable reason's to miss school include; baby sitting, being tired, cold weather, miss your ride, shopping, other family members are sick. 


What monthly incentive is provided to the classroom with the best attendance at Trentwood?

Otter pops and the classroom is recognized on the "Every Day Counts" Bulletin Board in the Hall.


What happens to a child's social development if they miss too much school?

Lag behind peers and find it difficult to keep with with all aspects of the school and classroom community.


What are some potential consequences for students with poor attendance versus students with good attendance?

1) there are higher drop out rates

2) Poor work habits that extend beyond school and impact a person in the workforce.

3)  Socially disconnected from peer group and school community.


According to MN state statute, how many unexcused days or class period absences does a student

get before being considered a habitual truant?

7 unexcused days or one or more class periods on 7 different school days


How many vacation days are allowed per year and what are some of the steps needed before the vacation takes place?

5 vacation days per year, any days after that are considered unexcused. You must obtain the pre-approval form from the attendance office, fill it out at least 3 days prior, must be signed by student, parent, teachers, then admin will approve or deny the request. 


What is the daily incentive for the classroom with perfect attendance?

Celebrate with teacher and a perfect attendance sign is posted on the classroom door!


When students' are chronically absent how can it impact staffing at the school?

It students miss too much school the district cannot collect money and count them as active students.  It can also impact planning for staffing and class sizes.

What does the research report about students with poor attendance in kindergarten?

What does the research report about students with poor attendance patterns established in September?

1)  It tends to continue throughout school career with increased drop out rates.

2)  Attendance patterns established in September tend to persist over the entire school year.


True or False- It’s the law to be in school?

True. It is enforceable. Students have 1 job and it is learning!


Truancy Officer

Bonus Question: What is the Truancy Officer's name and what school's does she oversee


What is the incentive for the class with the best overall attendance for the school year?

The primary classroom and the intermediate classrooms with the best overall attendance will get a field trip to and sponsored by our generous friends at Golden State Foods!

What are some things that parents can do to help minimize their children missing school?

Build regular routines for bed time and morning. Avoid medical appointments and family trips during school times.  Develop back up plans for getting to school if a problem occurs (family member, neighbor or another parent from school).


List 3 appropriate excused absences  

Illness- may need Doctor's note for extended time




School sponsored activities 


what are at least 3 consequences of Truancy

Court action, order therapy, assessments, EHM bracelet, credit recover, summer school, withhold

your DL, remove electronics, UA to look for MAC, treatment, foster care, out of home placement

What happens when a student reaches 3 unexcused absence

Automatic phone call to parent/guardian. ● Albert Lea School District truancy informational letter sent home. ● Student will be discussed at weekly attendance meeting (Administration and Freeborn County Truancy Officer). ● Student will meet with school administrator and parent contact will be made. ● Non-compliance with the Freeborn County Truancy Diversion Program could result in court action and student could be placed on probation with Freeborn County Probation and Pretrial Services.