Spring Training
Events and Awards
Postseason and World Series

This team won the first ever World Series in 1903

Who were the Boston Americans?


He was the first black to play Major League Baseball and got the Brooklyn Dodgers their first World Series win

Who was Jackie Robinson?


Spring Training takes place in these two places

What is Arizona and Tampa Bay, Florida?


This award is named after a player with 2,803 strikeouts, is no longer alive, and ever year a pitcher gets this award 

What is the Cy Young Award?


The top 3 teams of each league go to the playoffs. The top 4 team and top 5 team of each league go this this event and the winner goes to play the best team in the playoffs in their league

What is the Wild Card?


These two teams declined World Series games

Who were Montreal Expos and the New York Giants


He wrote his own book called "The Contract" and many more books. He also retired his number playing for the New York Yankees

Who is Derek Jeter?


Spring Training is split into these two divisions

What is the Grapefruit and Cactus League


Aaron Judge won this in his rookie year in 2017 and is the first rookie in history to win this

What is the Home-Run Derby?


This is the name of the first round or quarter finals in the playoffs

What is ALDS and NLDS?


This team has the most World Series win in history

Who is New York Yankees?


He hit a home-run in the 1932 World Series and called it the New York Yankees, his team won that World Series. He is also known to be the greatest baseball player of all time

Who was Babe Ruth?


He was awarded the best pitcher in Spring Training 2021 but was the not part of the starting rotation for the Regular Season and only got a watch as a prize

Who is Devi Garcia?


This game is where player from the American League on all different teams are put on one team and players from the National League from all different teams are put on a team and they play a ballgame. If the American league wins, the American League team in the World Series will be the home team for the first World Series game. If the National League wins the National League team that goes to the World Series will be home the first game too

What is the All-Star Game?


This is the name of round two or the semi finals in the playoffs

What is the ALCS or NLCS?


This team traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees to make the curse of the bambino and this team and the Yankees have been the biggest rivals in history

Who are the Boston Red Sox?


He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants. He has the record for most home runs in history of the MLB and is still alive today

Who is Barry Bonds?

It's the name of the New York Yankees Spring Training stadium

What is George Steinbrenner Field?


You get this trophy if your the MVP of the World Series

What is the Commissioner's Trophy?


When you go on to the World Series your team is also known with this name

What is AL Pennant and NL Pennant?


This team got it's name when the MLB was opening up and the owner didn't get a player he wanted so he called it "piratical" 

Who are the Pittsburgh Pirates?


He has the record for the fastest pitch in baseball history at 105.8 MPH and still pitches for the New York Yankees today

Who is Aroldis Chapman?


These teams are the only teams that play 24 games in Spring Training

Who are the Houston Astros, Miami Marlins, New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals?


This event is the championship

What is the World Series?

You need to win at least this many games to win the World Series

What is 4?

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