Spring MO
Summer MI

When is the last day to move out if you do not have a Summer contract?

June 15th by NOON


What day is Summer MI?

June 22nd


Where will walkthroughs take place for Spring MO?

There are two stations - One in BDWY and one in MONT


What format should a package be labeled as?

EX. Victor Viking 



How long is a key check out?

1 hour - only exception is if there are real extenuating circumstances 


What should you say to residents who ask when they need to move out?

24 hours after your last final or no later than June 15th at noon


When do transferring residents need to return their keys by?

3pm on June 23rd


Is a walkthrough required?

Walkthroughs are not required but recommended.

Bonus points: why?


What should you do if you can't find a package?

Check all locations and then re-check the assigned location for the residents name on the parcel (it may have been mislabeled) 

What is the latest a blue cart can be checked out?

10 pm - carts must be returned by close. 

Where can residents find information about move out?

Their housing contract (on the portal) or by checking their PSU email for correspondence with housing.


Where will walkthroughs be available?

In the Montgomery lobby from 1-3pm


Where can residents sign up for a timeslot?

In the housing portal 


Amazon is delivering a package with a code but the resident did not provide us with it?

We can give the driver the last four of the residents phone number from StarRez


A fob is past due two days - what do you do?

Email your supervisor to have it deactivated. Create a Charge form and place it in your supervisors mailbox. 


What should you tell a resident who ask if they need to move out between Spring and Summer term?

If they are staying in the same unit their is no need for them to move. However, they may need to move out between terms depending on when they signed their housing contract. They would be notified by housing if they needed to move out in between contracts. 


Can residents who don't work at the desk have more time to move?

No, units will need to be turned over right away 


What happens if a student employee or leader gets to a unit and the resident isn't ready for a walkthrough? 

The resident will need to re-schedule their walkthrough. 


A resident reports they got notified from the carrier that their package arrived yesterday. What information do you need from the resident to find out what may have happened?

The package carrier and tracking number. 


A resident is checking out and doesn't have their mailbox or front door (monty) key. What do you do?

Do a charge form for the lost key at that moment. 


A graduating student asks if they can have more time to move out. What do you tell them?

Graduating students were offered the ability to extend their contract through midnight on June 16th. They should email housing if they have questions. 


Can residents return their keys early?

Yes, they just can not get a walkthrough if they return their keys outside of the 1-3 window. 


What should a resident be told if their unit has damages during a walkthough?

You may be held responsible for these repairs. Housing maintenance is the final judge on the cost of repairs to a unit. 

A package arrives that is oversized. What should you do?

Use the furniture mover or dolly to get the item into the desk. Log as normal and email the resident to let them know they will need to bring something to transport the item as it can not fit into a blue cart. 


A resident has had more than 3 lock outs. What can you offer to help them?

A lanyard and badge holder to keep track of their keys.