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"We Have.........

What is: Come This Far by Faith Leaning on the Lord


What animal eyes are bigger than its brain?

What is: an Ostrich


Celebrates the Same Birthday with Aunt Jean, was the Youngest Child and known as Our "Sassy DIVA"?

Who is: Aunt Mamie Martin-McGriff

(11) Children - Charlie, James, Frizell, Otis, Marion, Milton, Arthur, Bee, Sarah, Eunice, & Mamie


(True & False) The first Officially Planned Family Reunion started in 1973. (True or False)

What is: False 

(1973 the Family gathered at the Home House for a 4th of July Family Picnic.  The First Officially planned Reunion was in 1974 at the Home of Grandaddy Arthur & Grandma Candace Martin, Sr.)


What can you catch but not throw?

What is: a Cold


"We Are.......

What is:  "Family, I've Got All My Sisters with Me, We Are Family, Get Up Everybody and Dance"


What is the only animal that can't jump?

What is: an Elephant


1. Known for her Quickness, always ran when got into trouble - The "Runner"

2. Loved her Music & Softball- The "Dancer" & "Base Stealer"

1. Who is: Aunt Juila Ann Seibles (1) child/Joyce

2. Who is: Aunt Nancy Ruth Neely -(5) children Glenda, Willie, Gloria, Jacqueline, and Cynthia



What is: Martin-Sanders-Culp-Carter

(The Carter Family joined the MSC Reunion in 1998 and has been very active ever since.  Has hosted (4) Reunions.  Cecilia Arnold - (2) children Mary & Janea 


DOUBLE JEOPARDY:   What goes around the world but stays in a corner?

What is: a Stamp


The Itsy-Bitsy Spider.....

What is: Went Up the Water Sprout, Down Came the Rain and Wash the Spider Out, Up Pop the Sun and Dried up All the Rain and the Itsy-Bitsy Spider Went Up the Sprout Again.


Where is a shrimp's heart located?

What is: in its Head


This Year's 48th Reunion Theme

What is: Family Is Forever...Forever Is Family 

"Our Family is Circle of Love & Strength Founded on Faith, Joined in Love Kept by God Forever Together"


Known as our Family "Mustang"?

Who is: Aunt Sallie Mae Montgomery?

(1) daughter/Jamillah

Really is a 1st "Cousin"!  Her mother, Aunt Eunice Martin Mayfield was the sister of grand-daddy Arthur Martin, Sr.  She just Celebrated her 97th Birthday on June17th.  Our Song Salute: Mustang Sally, by Johnny Rivers


What kind of room has no doors or windows?

What is: a Mushroom or Broom 


DOUBLE JEOPARDY:        All I Do....

What is: I Got to Go to Judgement, All I Do


DOUBLE JEOPARDY: How many hearts does an octopus have?

What is: Three


Attended All 48 MSCC Reunions.

Who is: Aunt Rose Marion Martin Patterson

(6) children-Buster, Jr., Princess, Evelyn, Helen, and Ginger


 First ever "MC"

Who is: Jay "The Gentleman" Vereem


I build bridges of silver and crowns of gold. Who am I?

What is: a Dentist


"So High......

What is: You Can't Go Over...So Wide...You Can't Go Around It....So Low...You Can't Go Under....You Must Come In At The Door 


What a group of Lions are called?

What is: a Pride


DOUBLE JEOPARDY: How Many Total Martin Children were there, name the known children by first & middle names.

What is: 16 Total (5 children died at or after birth: 1/Boy & 4/Girls, 11 lived).

Who are: (11): Carrie Martin, Queen Ester, Connie Arthur, Julia Ann, Nancy Ruth, Rose Marion, Emma Jean, Arthur, Jr., Ulysee Samuel, Joyce Loretta, and Catherine Elaine


DOUBLE JEOPARDY: How many States has the Family Reunion been held in?

What is: 12

(South Carolina/17, North Carolina/8, Virginia/3, Maryland/5, Ohio/1, Illinois/4, Kentucky/1, Alabama/1, Georgia/1, Tennessee/1, Texas/1, Florida/1, New York/1)


What room does ghosts try to avoid?

What is: the Living Room

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