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A student earns $11.75 per hour for gardening. If she worked 21 hours this month, then how much did she earn?
What is 246.75
A store owner has 7.11 lbs. of candy. If she puts the candy into 9 jars, how much candy will each jar contain?
What is 0.79
Brandy and Danny are collecting clothes for a clothing drive. Danny collected 1/6 as many clothes as Brandy did. If Brandy collected 2/5 of a bag of clothes, how many bags of clothes did Danny collect?
What is 1/15
On Wednesday morning, the patrol shift lasts 2 2/3 hours. There are four workers who split the time evenly. How long is each worker's patrol shift?
What is 2/3 of an hour (40 minutes) Double points if you can explain why it is 40 minutes!!
Nick was practicing for a marathon and wanted to run 13 1/2 miles. Each lap around the pond was .75 miles. How many laps around the pond does Nick need to run to complete 13 1/2 miles?
What is 18
School lunches cost $14.50 per week. How much would 15.5 weeks of lunches cost?
What is $224.75
A member of the school track team ran for a total of 179.3 miles in practice over 61.5 days. How many miles did he average per day? (Round to the hundredths place)
What is 2.92
The elephants at the Knox Zoo are fed 2/7 of a barrel of corn each day. The buffalo are fed 1/2 as much corn as the elephants. How many barrels of corn are the buffalo fed each day?
What is 1/7
The Perry family bought 5 1/2 pies from the school bake sale and donated them to their son's class. If each slice cut was 1/6 of the pie, how many slices did their son take to class?
What is 33
The camp cook made 1 1/5 pints of baked beans. Each serving of beans is 0.3 of a pint. How many servings of beans did the cook make?
What is 4
Rick's car gets 29.7 miles per gallon on the highway. If his fuel tank holds 10.45 gallons, then how far can he travel on one full tank of gas?
What is 310.365
What is the average speed in miles per hour of a car that travels 956.4 miles in 15.9 hours? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
What is 60.2
1. The Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Tape is 13/2 feet long. If I have 7 1/2 packs left, how many feet of gum tape do I have?
What is 48 3/4
Cooper's Construction Company was hired to install 6 signs along a 4/5 of a mile stretch along Route 155. The signs were designed to remind drivers not to text and drive and were to placed at equal distances from each other. How much distance should be between each sign?
What is 2/15 of a mile
Jessica and her four sisters bought 9 3/4 pounds of chocolate at $3.80 per pound. If the cost of the chocolate is divided evenly among Jessica and her sisters, how much will each person pay?
What is $7.41
John makes $9.75 per hour. Last week he worked 36.15 hours. How much money did he make last week? (Round to the nearest cent)
What is $352.46
Paul will pay for his new car in 3.5 years. If his car loan is for $19,061.49, then how much will Paul pay each year?
What is $5446.14
Maria needs ¾ of a cup of sugar for one serving of her recipe. How many cups of sugar will she need for 5 servings?
What is 3 3/4 cups
The Thompson family bought 4 1/2 pies from the school bake sale and donated them to their daughter's class. If each of the 15 students in the class received the same amount of pie, how much pie did each receive?
What is 3/10
Colby bought $30.32 worth of coffee that costs $18.95 per pound. How many pounds did he buy? Must express as a fraction in reduced form to get double points
What is 1 3/5 (1.6)
Lindsey bought 3.2 pounds of cookies and cream fudge that cost $4.25 per pound. She also bought 2.7 pounds of mint fudge that cost $3.75 per pound. How much money did she spend?
What is $23.73
If gasoline costs $3.92 per gallon, and filling up a car's tank costs $49.00, how many gallons does the tank hold?
What is 12.5
My garden is planted with 300 flowers. 5/6 of the flowers are roses. 2/5 of the roses are yellow and the rest of the roses are red. (Two-step problem)
What is 150
Ashley bought 20 1/2 feet of rope for the new playground ladder bridges being built for the school. If each step of the ladder was 5/4 feet long, How many ladder steps could she make?
What is 16 2/5 (or just 16 since you shouldn't have 2/5 of a step!)
A factory used 3.68 barrels of almonds to make 9 1/5 batches of granola bars. How many barrels of almonds did the factory put in each batch?
What is 0.4
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