Context Clues
Point of View

Compare the 2 characters:

Sarah loved spending rainy afternoons curled up with a good book. The rhythmic patter on the roof was like a lullaby, and the cozy glow of the lamp cast dancing shadows on her wall. Each turn of the page transported her to fantastical worlds, filled with brave knights and daring quests. Meanwhile, her older brother, Max, couldn't be cooped up for a second. He thrived on activity, his boundless energy always pushing him to explore. Rain was a signal for him to grab his raincoat and boots, splashing through puddles and pretending to be a fearless ship captain navigating a stormy sea.

Sarah is calm and Max is energetic

What does the word Stockpiled mean?

The frantic squirrel stockpiled acorns in every nook and cranny of his hollowed-out tree trunk, preparing for the long, cold winter ahead.  

Stockpile means gather or store in large quantities.


Which Point of View is this written in?

My heart pounded in my chest like a drum solo. Today was the big day – the day of the school talent show! I adjusted my bright yellow tutu, took a deep breath, and walked onto the stage, ready to show everyone my amazing magic trick.

1st person


What is the Theme of this passage and what evidence do you have of this?

Jessica slumped onto the steps outside the school, her chin resting on her knees. Tears welled up in her eyes as she replayed the failed science experiment in her head. Disappointment gnawed at her stomach. Just then, a warm hand touched her shoulder. Glancing up, she saw her dad's kind smile. He sat down beside her, listening patiently as Jessica mumbled about the experiment gone wrong. Without a single word, he pulled her into a hug, the familiar scent of his workshop wrapping around her. In that moment, Jessica knew no matter how big or small the failure, her family's love would always be there to catch her and remind her to try again.

The Theme is family is always there for you and the evidence is "Jessica knew no matter how big or small the failure, her family's love would always be there to catch her and remind her to try again."


What Character trait does Maya show and how is it shown?

Maya skipped down the sidewalk, a bouquet of colorful wildflowers clutched in her hand. Spotting Mrs. Garcia, their elderly neighbor, struggling with overflowing grocery bags, Maya's smile widened. "Hi Mrs. Garcia! Can I help you with those?" she chirped, rushing over. Relief washed over Mrs. Garcia's face. "Oh, Maya, you're a lifesaver! These bags are feeling awfully heavy today." Together, they walked to Mrs. Garcia's porch, Maya carefully carrying half the groceries. As they unloaded the bags, Maya noticed a tear rolling down Mrs. Garcia's cheek. "Is everything alright?" she asked gently. Mrs. Garcia confided in Maya about feeling lonely since her husband passed away. Maya, with her kind heart, promised to visit more often and help with anything Mrs. Garcia needed.

Maya shows kindness through dialogue 


What does the word meticulously mean?

The archaeologist meticulously documented every intricate artifact unearthed from the ancient tomb, hoping to glean clues about the civilization that once thrived there.

Meticulously means very careful and precise.


What point of view is this written in? 

Leaning against the weathered fence, Maya scanned the bustling farmers market. Her list crinkled in her sweaty hand – fresh strawberries, plump tomatoes, and a loaf of crusty bread for her mom's famous sandwiches. With a determined glint in her eye, Maya plunged into the colorful crowd, ready to find the best deals.

3rd Person


What is the theme of this passage and what evidence do you have for it?

Sweat dripped from Maya's nose as she practiced her jump shot for the hundredth time. The clanging of the missed shots echoed in the empty gym, but Maya didn't give up. Each miss fueled her determination, each successful shot a tiny victory. Finally, with a satisfying swish, the ball sank through the net. A grin split Maya's face. Early mornings and countless practice sessions were paying off, one perfect shot at a time.

The theme is hard work pays off and the evidence is how she improved.

Whata character trait does Timmy show and how is it shown?

The aroma of freshly baked cookies filled the kitchen. Timmy peeked in, his eyes wide with anticipation. Warm chocolate chip cookies were his absolute favorite. He saw a plate piled high on the counter, cooling on a wire rack. But before anyone else could even get a glimpse, Timmy snatched the biggest, gooiest cookie right from the center. Ignoring his mom's surprised call, he stuffed the entire cookie in his mouth, crumbs showering the floor. Without offering to share or help clean up, Timmy raced off to devour the rest of the cookies, one by one, leaving none for his siblings or parents.

Timmy is selfish and we see this through actions


What does crescendo mean?

As the speaker's words reached a crescendo, the audience erupted into cheers, whistles, and applause, their collective enthusiasm building with every word.

Crescendo: a gradual increase in volume or intensity.


What Point of View is this written in?

Butterflies erupt in your stomach as you grip the worn baseball bat. Today's the championship game, and the bases are loaded in the bottom of the ninth. One swing – can you hit the home run and win it all for your team?

2nd Person


What is the Theme of this passage and what evidence do you have for this?

Rain lashed against the windowpanes, blurring the soccer field outside. Sarah clutched her jersey, her stomach churning. Today's game was against their fiercest rivals, the Wildcats, known for their aggressive tactics. Sarah spotted Chloe, the Wildcats' star player, smirking at her from across the field. Dread filled Sarah – Chloe always targeted her with rough tackles. But then, during a scramble for the ball, Sarah tripped and fell. A sharp pain shot up her ankle. Instead of the expected triumphant yell from Chloe, there was a worried cry. Sarah looked up to see Chloe kneeling beside her, concern etched on her face. Relief washed over Sarah as Chloe helped her off the field, her earlier fear replaced by a newfound respect.

The theme is kindness is always the answer and the evidence for this is when Chloe helped Sarah instead of celebrating.