NBA Championships
Greatest Players

The team that beat the Heat for this year's title

a. Warriors

b. Knicks

C. Lakers

D. Nuggets

D. Who are the Denver Nuggets 


The player with the highest number of points in 1 game

a. Shaquille O'Neal

b. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

c. Wilt Chamberlain

d. Kobe Bryant

c. Who is Wilt Chamberlain


The NBA commissioner (the head over all the NBA).

a. Adam Silver

b. David Stern

c. Mark Tatum

d. Maurice Podoloff

Who is Adam Silver


The man that leads the NBA with the most assists in one game?

a. Scott Skiles

b. John Stockton

c. Magic Johnson

d. Chris Paul

a. Who is Scott Skiles


The winner of the first slam dunk contest

a. Michael Jordan

b. Kobe Bryant

c. Dr. J

d. Lebron James

c. Who is Dr. J


The team with 16 championships ?

A. Celtics

B. Lakers

C. Spurs

D. Warriors

B. Who are the Lakers

Who is the shortest player to ever play in the NBA?

a. Spud Webb

b. Moggsy Bouges

c. Earl Boykins

d. Greg Grant 

b. Who is Muggsy Bouges

The coach with the most championship rings?

a. Greg Popovich

b. Red Auerbauch

c. Phil Jackson

d. Pat Riley

c. Who is Phil Jackson


The all-time rebound leader with 23,924?

a. Wilt Chamberlain

b. Shaquille O'Neal

c. Hakeem Olajuwon

d. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

a. Who is Wilt Chamberlain


The # of teams in the NBA?

a. 32

b. 40

c. 24

d. 30

a. What is 32


The player with the most championship rings?

a. Michael Jordan

b. Kobe Bryant

c. Steph Curry

d. Bill Russel

Who is Bill Russel 


The first person ever to break a backboard?

a. Shaquille O'Neal

b. Vince Carter

c. Michael Jordan

d. Darrel Dawkins 

d. Who is Darrel Dawkins?


The coach of the Lakers for the last team to win 3 championships in a row?

a. Pat Riley

b. Paul Westphal

c. Magic Johnson 

d. Phil Jackson

d. Who is Phil Jackson


The player that leads the all-time assists with 15,806

a. Lebron James

b. Steph Curry

c. Michael Jordan

d. John Stockton

d. Who is John Stockton


The most points ever scored by a single team in one game?

a. 200

b. 175


d. 186

d. What is 186


The team with the most NBA championships?

a. Warriors

b. Nets

c. Bulls

d. Celtics

d. Who are the celtics?


The center that led the Knicks to their one and only title?

a. Patrick Ewing

b. David Robinson

c. Willis Reed

d. Wilt Chamberlain

c. Who is Willis Reed?


The first black coach in the NBA?

a. Lenny Wilkins

b. Alvin Attles 

c. Bill Russell

d. Doc Rivers 

c. Bill Russell


The last player ever to average a triple double

a. Kobe Bryant

b. Steph Curry

c. Russell Westbrook

d. Oscar Robertson

c. Who is Russell Westbrook


The #1 pick of this year's NBA draft?

a. Scoot Henderson

b. Victor Wembanyama

c. Zion Williamson

d. Kyrie Irving

b. Who is Victor Wembanyama


What is the name of the NBA championship trophy?

a. Larry O'Brien

b. Bob Cousy

c. Earvin Johnson

d. Adam Silver

a. Who is Larry O'Brien


The player with the most 3 point shots made ever?

a. Larry Bird

b. Reggie Miller

c. Ray Allen

d. Steph Curry 

d. Who is Steph Curry


The coach of the Golden State Warriors who also played and won championships with Michael Jordan?

a. Michael Jordan

b. Phil Jackson

c. Steve Kerr

d. Greg Popovich

c. Who is Steve Kerr


The most points ever scored in one game by an nba player?

a. 81

b. 100

c. 63

d. 150

b. What is 100


What year was basketball created?

a. 1776

b. 1891

c. 1900

d. none of the above are correct 

b. 1891 

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