Basic Policies
Red Carpet Customer Service
Other Information
Core Policy Manual


While on Hollywood Casino Toledo Property, all Team Members must wear their ________ and certain positions require certain work cards like a ________

ID Badge, Gaming License



Full-Time Team Members are eligible to receive this amount per quarter 




You may change your address, phone number, emergency contact and direct deposit on our Team Member Self-Service website _______________



The Company expects Team Members, learn of, or, in good faith suspect a violation of the Code to immediately report the violation to the Chief Compliance Officer or the property compliance officer. Team Members may also report violations of the code any time of the day by calling the company's toll free number _______________




After completing ____ year(s) of service, Team Members have the option of selling back PTO in lieu of taking time off. PTO benefits may be accrued up to a maximum of _____ hours for Full Time Team Members and _____ hours for Part Time Team Members

1 year, 240, 80



While at work, Team Members __________ use their personal cellular phones in their work areas

Should Not



the "______" will be assigned for each property based on trends, seasonal factors and company standards

Bonus Goal



Which of the following are examples of Team Member Conduct that does not meet the Company's expectations

F. All of the Above



The network provides Penn National Team Members with a 27/4 telephone hotline to report concerns and alleged violations of Penn's Code of Business Conduct. All Team Members will be able to confidentially file a complaint online through our secured reporting web link ________________



In order to be considered for a position internally or at a new location, a Team Member must be present in their position for ______ days




Hollywood Casino Toledo as a "_________" attendance policy. The attendance policy is based on a _____ point system. A total of ____ points in any 12 month period results in termination.

No Fault, 12, 12



In order to to eligible to participate in Red Carpet Customer Service Incentive Program, Team Members must have been hired on or before the start of what?

The quarter



Full Time Team Members who have completed ______ of active, continuous fill time service as the start of the course are eligible to apply for tuition assistance. Reimbursement for job related degrees is limited to $ ________ per calendar year for undergraduate and $ ________ for graduate degrees.

1 year, $2,000, $3,000



Team Members who wish to take time off due to the death of a family member should immediately notify their supervisor. Up to ___ days of paid bereavement will be provided for full-time Team Members who miss regularly scheduled working time due to the death of an __________________

3, Immediate Family Member



Hollywood Casino pay cycle begins on _______, ending on __________ with pay dates being ___________ on Fridays

Friday, Thursday, Bi-Weekly



Eligible Team Members will be paid overtime for hours worked in excess of ____ hours occurring in the same work week in accordance with applicable law. Benefit eligible Team Members must work an average of _____ hours or more per week on a yearly basis to maintain benefit eligibility

40, 30 hours



Part-Time Team Members are eligible to receive this amount 



Team Members are required to use restrooms in the _________ areas only. During work hours (in uniform or not), Team Members ______ allowed to use any customer restrooms.

 Back of House, are not



Hollywood Casino Toledo is a __________ workplace with a _________ workforce. Pursuant to this policy, Hollywood Casino Toledo prohibits the use of all _______ products by our employees at any time, whether on or off company premises or work time.

Tobacco Free, Tobacco Free, Tobacco



Team Members who have been employed for _______ days are eligible for a Personal Leave that are approved by the ___________

90 Days, Departmemt



All hourly Team Members will be schedule for an _____ work day and ______ will automatically be deducted for a meal period break. All Team Members will receive a minimum of ________ break time for each _________ shift worked

8.5 hour, 30 mins, 30 mins, 8.5 hour



The areas where a Team Member can view the daily/weekly/monthly A-Service Scores 

- Chalkboard Wall

- Back of House TV

- Wall across from Wardrobe 



Team Members with paid time off benefits in a single bank called "____" to be used for vacation, sick days, holiday, and/or other personal easons with approval of Team Members Supervisor and/or Department Manager/Director.



Team Members _______ be allowed to game in any way on property. Team Members who are not members of management, ______ gamble at other Penn National Properties. Team Members ______ eat at the food and beverage outlets, but ______ be allowed to gamble at the Hollywood Casino Toledo property.

May Not, Can, Can, Cannot



Union Team Members will receive and __________ after their probationary period and again on the contract ________ date

Increase, Annual

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