New in 2016
Number 1s
Things to expect in 2017
Comcast in 2017
Terrible Pick-up lines
JetBlue flight 387 was the first commercial flight between the U.S. and this country since the 1960s
What is Cuba.
This college, was ranked #1 in the world again in 2016, by Academic Ranking or World Universities.
What is Harvard College
It is the 10th anniversary for the nation's most popular phone. It is expected to introduce it's newest version in 2017.
What is the Iphone
Comcast announced in September 2016 that it was going to start this type of service in the middle of 2017. I wonder if it will be part of our courtesy services?
What is Wireless service.
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I........
What is walk by again?
In July researchers successfully bred this fish in captivity for the first time. There were concerns that it would go extinct due to it's movie popularity.
What is Blue Tang (Dory Fish from "Finding Nemo" & "Finding Dory")
This artist had the top selling album of 2016
What is Adele
You'll love hearing that this company, one of the first and the largest cloud based software companies for business is expected to hit $10 billion. We use their system everyday.
What is Salesforce
Comcast and 21st Century Fox just settled a 13 month dispute to bring back the YES network to Comcast's New York customers. This means that Comcast subscribers in New York will get to again watch this popular baseball team.
What is NY Yankees
I'm no photographer, but I can.....
What is picture us together.
An Olympic first, 10 athletes represented this stateless/country-less team at the Olympics. Members were from Syria, South Sudan, DRC, and Ethiopia.
What is the Refugee Team
Sophia was the most popular name for girls in 2016. This was the most popular first name for boys....interestingly it is also the 13th most popular last name in the U.S.
What is Jackson
This company is developing a car that will be able to understand your emotions, the plan is to have the car develop it's "own emotions"
What is Honda
NBC Universal has three major movie sequels coming out in 2017. Each is expected to make over $100 million.
What is “Fast & Furious,” “Despicable Me,” and “Fifty Shades of Gray,”
You know what material this is? [Grab your shirt]
What is Boyfriend/Girlfriend material.
Move over Andrew Jackson, The U.S. treasury announced it would replace his face on the $20 bill with this abolitionist.
What is Harriet Tubman
Worth $85 billion dollars, this is still the richest individual in the world.
Who is Bill Gates
Whirlpool is touting a new one of these, it will be able compost your leftovers in 1 day.
What is Trash Can
Comcast made a deal in November to integrate this online streaming company into the X1 platform.
What is Netflix
I must be a snowflake, because I've......
What is fallen for you.
The Japanese opened the Harry Café, where patrons are lining up to pay about $10 to pet this type of animal.
What is a Hedge Hog
This Netflix show beat out CBS's the Big Bang Theory to be the most popular show of 2016 (based on viewership in the first 35 days).
What is Orange is the New Black
LG recently previewed a new speaker that can do this for up to 10 hours.
What is float/levitate
In November Comcast inked a deal with this competitor to added Sling TV to the X1 Platform. SlingTV will add hundreds of multicultural channels and programs to the X! experience.
What is Dish Network.
Are you form Tennessee? Cause you're........
What is the only ten I see!!!
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