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This is the force that is exerted on objects by Earth that directs/pulls them down.
What is gravity?
Plants get the materials they need for growth chiefly from these two things.
What is air and water?

Your shadow is the shortest/smallest during this TIME OF DAY.

What is noon?

Sandy is building a small toy car. He wants to use a balloon to power the toy car. He fills a balloon with air and then attaches a straw to the balloon. He tapes the balloon-straw combination to the car and then releases the end of the balloon. The toy moves forward as the air from the balloon comes out the back of the straw. What can Sandy do to make the toy car move faster?
What is blow up the balloon more?

The sun is highest in the sky and takes the longest path across the sky during this season. 

What is summer?


Animals get their energy directly from this.

What is food?

This scientific process is how plants take matter that is not food (light, air, water, and soil) and turn it in to matter that is food.
What is photosynthesis?

Your shadow is the longest during this SEASON. 

What is winter?

Some cities build a wall as a barrier between a river and the city. What specific problem does this design solution aim to solve?
What is keeping water from flowing into the city during heavy rains and floods?
Of the following substances in each mixture, what is the only one that is soluble in its mixture? Sugar in water, sand in water, oil in water, or pebbles in water?
What is sugar in water?
Adding air to expand a basketball and dissolving sugar in water are both examples that prove matter is made of particles that are too ______ to be seen.
What is small?
If you go far enough down the food chain, food of almost any kind of animal can be traced back to _____.
What is plants?
Most of the Earth's water is found here.
What is the oceans?
Action AA batteries last four times as long as Bonus AA batteries. Action AA batteries also cost four times as much as Bonus batteries. What is a good reason to buy Action AA batteries?
What is they generate less waste in the long run?

An organism that consumes only plants is this.

What is a primary consumer (or herbivore)? 

Energy in animals' food that is used for body repair, growth, motion, and to maintain body warmth was once energy from this.
What is the Sun?
This process eventually restores (recycles) some materials back to the soil after a plant or animal's death.
What is decomposition?

The orbit of the Earth around the sun causes these.

What are seasons? 

When an experiment is repeated and the new results are different from the original results, what could you assume to be true?
What is neither test results are 100% reliable and additional experimentation is needed?

The is the reason we see different constellations during each season? 

What is the earth travels in orbit around the sun while also rotating?

Regardless of the type of change that occurs when heating, cooling, or mixing substances, the total weight of matter is _______.
What is conserved? (stays the same)

If a new species of beetle were to be introduced to an ecosystem, this would happen to the other beetles that already live there and eat the same organisms. 

What is decrease in population due to competition? 

The sun is a star that appears larger and brighter than other stars because it is _____.
What is closer to Earth than other stars?
Ms. Jovin's class is investigating simple machines. They built a ramp to roll tennis balls down, and measured how far they rolled. The tennis balls released at the top of the ramp all traveled about the same distance. If they wanted the balls to roll even further, they could do this.
What is build a ramp that is taller?
A big rock is weathered over many years by a river, until only small pebbles remain. The mass of all the pebbles is less than the mass of the rock. The rest of the rock PROBABLY did this.
What is converted into soil?
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