Manage the Disease
Manage the Patient
Manage your Team
Manage your Meds
Too Much to Manage
What is Type of diabetes in which the patient does not produce insulin?
What is Type 1 Diabetes?
What is needed for a patient who is complaining of pain of 9 on a 1-10 scale?
What is medicating the patient for pain?
What is the name of the person who focusses on managing breathing issues for a patient?
What is a respiratory therapist?
What is the medication classification that can assist with the Hypertension related to the angiotensin pathway?
What is an ACE inhibitor?

What is your priority for a patient with chest pain anD A patient who is vomiting?

What is manage the chest pain and delegate the care of the patient vomiting?

What is the disease that people use terms such as stress, worry, can't breath, feel overwhelmed, can't sleep?
What is anxiety?
What is needed for the patient who has just been told they have cancer?
What is therapeutic communication with active listening?
What is the name of the person who fills the MD orders for medications, mixes IV medications and fills the Pyxis machine?
What is a pharmacy technician?
What is a medication that can assist the heart during emergencies and your lungs breathing ability during a code?
What is epinephrine?

What is the priority - family members at the patient door asking for assistance and going to assist the CNA who called for help while ambulating a patient?

What is the manage the patient who fell and delegate the family concerns to the charge nurse?

What is the disease related to circulation that has high values (bad) that can cause stroke or heart attack if not managed?
What is hypertension?
What is needed for the patient who just returned from PACU after knee surgery?
What is a focused assessment?
What is the name of the person who can evaluate a patient's eating ability after a stroke?
What is a speech therapist?
What is the name of medication that provides a consistent or basal level of insulin in the body for about 24 hours?
What is glargine or lantus?

What is the priority to manage: the MD who needs assistance with a dressing change or the patient who you are in the middle of doing a very complex dressing?

What is manage and complete the complex dressing and then assist the physician?

What is the disease that can cause severe shortness of breath, can be triggered by a cold virus or activity?
What is asthma?
What is needed for the mother who is being sent home tomorrow with her first child?
What is discharge planning or patient education?
What is the name of the person who can facilitate follow-up care in the outpatient area for your in-patient?
What is the navigator?
What is an insulin that begins to work within 15 minutes of administration?
What is short acting insulin such as Aspart or Lispro?

What is the priority with a patient still on the floor that has fallen while walking with the CNA and the OR demands you send the patient now (30 minutes early, the MD is yelling).

What is evaluate the patient who has fallen and still on the floor and then get the patient to the OR?

What is the disease that is caused by mutations at the genetic level that cause cells to be different than the original cell after mitosis?
What is cancer?
What is needed for the patient who wants to be a no code, but their family insists they want the patient to receive treatment?
What is a consult to social service, or Chaplin/spiritual services?
What is the name of the person who can take medication orders from a Health Care provider and change those orders in the chart?
What is pharmacist?
What is the classification of medication that can normalize homeostasis with fluid excess?
What is a diuretic?

What is the priority with ED trying to bring up your patient, PACU trying to bring the patient back from the OR, and the family that is yelling their family member is not being cared for?

What is get help from your charge nurse to prioritize these issues, which are all important!