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Most American eat too much of this nutrient, especially in saturated form.
What is fat.
TRUE or FALSE Your weight depends on the balance between the amount of food you eat and the calories you burn off.
What is true? The bottom line is that if a person eats more calories than their body requires, they will gain weight.
When reading labels, the number of calories listed is not the number of calories in the entire box or container, but the number per this.
What is a serving?
TRUE or FALSE Fiber, which is indigestible carbohydrate, is beneficial for good health.
What is true? Fiber helps prevent constipation, colon cancer, helps regulate blood sugar, and is known to help keep cholesterol down and weight under control.
The most obvious way to decrease sodium intake is to reduce the use of this substance, both in cooking and at the table.
What is salt.
Carbohydrates are fuel nutrients and come from these two types of foods.
What are starches and sugars?
Dried beans & peas area good source of fiber and several other nutrients. They are not a good source of this: A) protein B) iron C) vitamin C D) B vitamins
What is vitamin C? (C)
TRUE of FALSE Vitamins and minerals add calories to food.
What is false? Only carbohydrates, proteins, and fats provide calories in the diet.
This is found in whole grain breads and cereals, nuts, legumes, and raw fruits and vegetables.
What is fiber.
A high sodium intake is associated with one of the following health problems. A) arthritis B) kidney disease C) high blood pressure
What is high blood pressure? (c)
Between potato chips and pretzels, This one is the better low fat choice of snack food.
What are pretzels?
Too much fat in the arteries that lead to your heart can cause a heart attack. When plaque forms in arteries leading to the brain, this occurs.
What is a stroke?
To get the nutrients you need, you must do the following: A) take vitamins B) eat large amounts of meat C) eat plenty of fruits and vegetables D) be a vegetarian E) eat a variety of foods from the food group
What is eat a variety of foods from the food groups? (e)
Along with insulin and exercise, fiber also helps in the management of this disease.
What is diabetes?
Snack foods and commercially prepared foods normally have a great deal of this added and are best eaten sparingly.
What is salt?
Both coconut and palm oils are considered vegetable oils, but they contain a large amount of this fat that should be avoided when possible.
What is saturated fat?
To be on a low cholesterol diet, you must keep your milligrams of cholesterol this low.
What is 300 milligrams?
TRUE or FALSE Beets are a good source of iron?
What is False? Beet greens are a good source of iron. The fallacy stems from the fact that beets are red and the redness of foods is not related to the iron content.
Fiber helps prevent this kind of cancer.
What is colon cancer?
Salt is a combination of these two minerals.
What is sodium and chloride?
Type of fat recommended to raise good cholesterol.
What is monounsaturated/polyunsaturated?
One of the following oils is not recommended and should be "watched for" on product labels: A) coconut oil B) safflower oil C) olive oil D) peanut oil
What is coconut oil? (a) Coconut oil is saturated fat while the others are all polyunsaturated or monounsaturated and are recommended for use by the American heart Association.
One of the following foods helps to increase iron absorption: A) milk B) spinach C) whole wheat bread D) orange juice
What is orange juice? (d) Vitamin C or ascorbic acid improves absorption of iron from either food sources or supplements.
We need to keep our total blood cholesterol below this amount to prevent atherosclerosis.
What is 200?
One teaspoon of salt is this many milligrams of sodium.
What is 2000 milligrams?
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