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The year before kids enter first grade, they attend this?

What is kindergarten? It translates to “garden for children.” Kindergarten was first introduced in Germany in the early 19th century. Those who fled Germany in 1948 brought the idea to the United States.


Oktoberfest is celebrated every year spanning these two fall months.

What are September and October? It starts in September and runs through the first weekend in October.


This Benz is a popular German car in North America.

What is Mercedes? T

he brand was launched at Nice (NEES) Week in the South of France in 1901. It was established by Paul and Adolf Daimler, and the three-pointed star became its logo in 1910. The Mercedes-Benz was considered the first modern car and is owned by the Daimler Group.


This dish is made of fermented cabbage.

Hint: you might eat this on St. Patricks day as well. 

What is sauerkraut? 

It’s an Oktoberfest staple


This once-divided city is the capital of Germany.

What is Berlin? 

It’s a bustling city, which was once divided by the Berlin Wall into East Berlin and West Berlin until the reunification of East and West Germany in 1990. The Brandenburg Gate at the Berlin Wall became the symbol of a divided Germany.


Typical round lettuce used in sandwiches. It translates to “mountain of ice.”

What is iceberg? 

We often hear that iceberg lettuce is devoid of any nutritional value; however, it has more protein than many other lettuce varieties, and it contains vitamins A and K, folate, and potassium.


It is the traditional alcoholic beverage served at Oktoberfest.

What is beer (or similar)?

Beer produced in Germany is darker and stronger than traditional North American beer. Beer made in Munich’s breweries are the only ones served during the festival.


Some of its vehicles are the Microbus, also known as the Van, and the Beetle, also known as the Bug.

What is Volkswagen? 

Today’s Volkswagens are sleeker in design and include the Atlas, the Tiguan, the Jetta, and the new ID.4. An electric version of the bus, which is known as ID.BUZZ, will begin production in 2022.


This hard, twisted bread or biscuit became the snack of choice on airlines when peanuts became too expensive to serve.

What is pretzel? 

In German, pretzels are called brezeln, and they’re served with mustard on the side for dipping.


This high mountain range in Germany is often associated with Switzerland.

What is the Alps? 

The Alps mountain range crosses seven countries: France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia. In Germany, the range is called the Bavarian Alps since it is in Bavaria at the southern tip of the country.


A five-letter word beginning with A that means “fear” and is spelled the same way in German and English. Also means “apprehension and uneasiness.”

What is angst? 

Televised sporting events, yoga, and meditation can help provide relief from day-to-day angst.


This is the traditional outfit worn by women—a dress with a defined bodice and low neckline, a tight waist, and a gathered skirt.

What is dirndl (DERN duhl)? 

The position of the bow signifies the wearer’s relationship status. The bow is tied on the right for those in a relationship and on the left for singles. Young girls tie the bow in the middle.


This three-letter German car is known as the ultimate driving machine and the ultimate driving experience.

What is BMW? 

You may be familiar with the 3, 5, and 7 series BMWs. The company also makes motorcycles.


This is the name for grilled sausage, a popular street food made with pork and veal.

What is bratwurst? 

It’s made with pork and veal and seasoned with ginger, nutmeg, coriander, and/or caraway. It is served with sauerkraut and mustard and/or ketchup. Knockwurst is a boiled sausage made with ground beef and pork.


True or False the capital of the state of Bavaria is Frankfurt?

What is False 

The capital of Bavaria is Munich

Bavaria is the largest state, located in the southeast corner of Germany.


It means “above and beyond.” It is also the name of a taxi service that you can book on your smartphone.

What is uber? 

The internet and computer games can be uber addictive.


Oktoberfest was first held in this century?

A. 1710

B. 1810 

C. 1910 

What is 1810


A long-time favorite of this German auto manufacturer is the 911 sportscar.

What is Porsche? 

Porsche was born in 1948 with a car whose successor would be the 911. Volkswagen now owns Porsche.


This cake named for a famous German forest is stuffed with chocolate and cherries, soaked in liquor, and “iced” with whipped cream.

What is black forest? 

The official name for the cake is very long and translates into “cake soaked in Kirsch before being baked.”


It is Germany’s largest river?

A. Havel

B. Moselle

C. Rhine

What is the Rhine?

 In the west, the Rhine separates Germany from France.  


 It is German for "thank you", and it is the first word of the song made famous by Wayne Newton.

A. Katze

B. Lacheln

C. Danke

What is danke (DON kuh)? 

Wayne Newton’s rendition of the song “Danke Shoen” (DON kuh SHAYN) made it to No.13 on the Billboard chart in 1963.


The first Oktoberfest was held in celebration of this event.

A. Fall equinox

B. German unity day

C. Wedding

What is a wedding 

 It was held to celebrate Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Teresa. The entire city of Munich was invited to the event.


This German highway system is similar to American interstates but has no speed limit in some rural areas.

A. Autobahn

B. StraBe

C. Hauptstrasse 

What is autobahn? 

It translates to “motor track.” Today, speed limits apply to around 40 percent of autobahn roads. The highway was originally invented in Rome in the first century AD.


The classic version of this pastry has a very thin, flakey crust stuffed with lemon-soaked apples and rum-soaked raisins, all sprinkled with cinnamon.

What is apple strudel? 

You can use a flakey piecrust for the dough if you prefer a less brittle crust.


Germany is bordered on the west by what  small country?

A. Belgium 

B. Luxemburg

C. Andorra

What is Luxemburg

Half of Luxemburg’s workforce comes from other countries, including Germany

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