President George Washington has 25 ink pens. He breaks 14 of the pens. How many ink pens does he have left?

11 ink pens


Max ran 42 yards in the first quarter and 18 yards in the second quarter. How many yards has he run so far?

60 yards


There are 16 hedgehogs at the zoo. There are 8 hedgehogs that are girls. How many hedgehogs are boys?

8 hedgehogs

Bobby is holding 99 pennies. Some pennies fall on the ground. 26 pennies are still in Bobby's hand. How many pennies did not drop on the ground?

73 pennies


61 players showed up for practice. There are 76 players on the team. How many players did NOT show up for practice?

15 players


There are 31 seals at lighthouse beach. 24 seals are swimming in the water and the rest are on the sandbar. How many seals are on the sandbar? 

7 seals


There have been 45 US presidents. Jimmy can name 30 US presidents. How many presidents does he not know?

15 presidents


Last year, the team had a bin full of footballs. This year they bought 27 more footballs. Now they have 56 footballs. How many footballs did they have in the bin last year?

29 footballs


Jimmy saw 76 animals on a safari. 39 of the animals were giraffes and the rest were lions. How many lions did Jimmy see?

37 lions


Abraham Lincoln bought 26 hats in the winter and some hats in the summer. He now has a total of 51 hats. How many hats did Mr. Lincoln buy in the summer?

25 hats


Ben passed the football 34 yards in the first half and 62 yards in the second half. How many more yards did Ben pass in the second half than in the first half?

28 more yards


A group of migrating blue whales travel a total of 152 miles on Monday and Tuesday. The blue whales travel 66 miles on Monday. How many miles did they travel on Tuesday?

86 miles


George Washington chopped down 2 cherry trees. There are 48 cherries on each tree. How many cherries does George Washington have in total? 

96 cherries


Billy played football for a total of 84 hours in October. In November, Billy played football for a total of 92 hours. How many more hours of football did Billy play in November?

8 more hours


A dolphin swam 36 miles and a right whale swam 54 miles on Monday. How many fewer miles did the dolphin swim?

18 fewer miles

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