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The month, year, and place that Sumra and Imran met for the first time.

What is December, 2021, Yorktown mall?

The name of Jasmine's Tiger

What is Raja


True or False.  French weddings traditionally feature a best man and maid of honor

What is false


According to IMDB, the #1 most romantic movie in Bollywood

What is DDLJ


True or false - in uzbekistan weddings, the brides side pays for nearly 100% of the wedding costs

what is false

Where Sumra and Imran are planning to go iA on their honeymoon

What is Hawaii


The names of the couple in the Disney movie featuring a princess with extremely long hair who's been kidnapped by someone who's not her mom.

Who are Rapunzel and Flynn


Similar to jordanian almonds, its is french tradition to give guests this number of dragge's featuring health, wealth, happiness, longevity, and fertility.

What is 5


in my opinion erroneously translated to "When love calls" by IMDB, this romantic film features young love, struggles over money, old friendships, and city vs. village life

What is Maine Pyar Kiya


The reason why Jewish people break glass during their wedding ceremonies

The reason Jews break a glass during the wedding ceremony is to remember two of the most important and tragic events of Jewish history: the destruction of the Jewish temples. In an otherwise joyous occasion, it's a ritual that tempers that happiness and allows for a moment of reflection.


Sumra and Imran's favorite colors.

What are Black and Blue respectively


The first ever disney princess

Who is Snow White

True or False- bridal showers started in France symbolizing showering the brides with blessings

False - Bridal showers are a Holland time-honored wedding tradition with origin stories dating back to 16th-century Holland when a young girl's father refused to provide a dowry to a marriage he disapproved of. The town got together and offered small gifts to help her start her home without the dowry money


The plot of Veer Zara and whether or not it's based on a true story

True story - Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh, a pilot in the Indian air force, rescues the stranded Zaara, a woman from Pakistan, following a bus accident, and their lives are forever bound. With all the ingredients of a classic love story, the film is a tale of love, separation, courage and sacrifice that unfolds over 22 years.


One of two reasons reason why brides wear a "white" veil in traditional christian weddings

According to Brides, the bridal veil dates back to ancient times and served two purposes: to represent the bride’s modesty and virginity, and to hide the bride from evil spirits trying to ruin her happiness.


Imran's profession, and where Sumra currently works!

What is software engineer and Hobby Lobby!


This little mermaid's first name and her prince's first name

Who are Ariel and Eric


What RSVP stands for and what it traditionally means in french

what is rendez vous sil vous plaid and let's meet please


The year (+/- 10 years) that the first kiss on-screen occurred in a bollywood film

What is 1933 (Film Karma)


The symbolism behind the garter in traditional ancient rome weddings.

Back in the day, newlyweds were expected to consummate their marriage immediately after the wedding, with their families and friends waiting and listening outside — yes, just like in Game of Thrones. “After the marriage was consummated, the groom would give the bride’s garter to the waiting crowd to prove that the deed was done,”


Imran and Sumra's Last names and one of their favorite bollywood songs

What is Mohammed and Azfar and either Zaalima or Sheila ki jawani


Despite its ups and downs and sad ending, the Disney Movie Up features a montage between this couple in every couple's dream life — cute dates, a happy marriage, painting their house, and going on adventures as the two grow old together.

Who are Carl and Ellie


Instead of cakes, French weddings traditionally feature this dessert

What is a croquembouche - essentially a pyramid of vanilla cream filled, balls of goodness


2 years before Sumra was born, amitabh bachan was super broke with his production company ABC, and literally was bankrupt when he contacted Yash Chopra asking for a job - Yash Chopra then casted him in this film.

What is Mohobattein


Gujaratis follow this tradition called the ‘Ponkvu’ or ‘Ponkhana’ where his mother-in-law performs an aarti to welcome the groom and then pulls this body part as a reminder for him to be humble and grateful as he swoons his bride from her house.

What is the nose

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