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Test Vocab Part 2
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What does chronological mean?

To arrange information in the order of the time it happened


What is a central idea?

The key point or main idea of the passage


What is the theme of a passage?

A life lesson or lesson learned in the passage


My grandmother gave me a blepice when I was a baby. Everyone in my family has their own blepice. We each hang ours by our stairs at Christmas because we don't own a fireplace. My blepice is a long, red, skinny sock.

What is a blepice?

A stocking


When you play in the snow, you should wear gloves, a hat, and a margle. You need the margle to keep your neck warm. I am lucky because my grandma knitted me a margle for my birthday. It has stripes on it and it is so warm.

What is a margle?

A scarf


What does analyze mean?

Examing the text to be able to explain it to someone else


What is another word for a test item?

A test question


What is character development?

The act of a character growing or making themselves better throughout the story


Emilia threw a giant grimble at me. I was not expecting it! But I found a hiding place with a good pile of snow. I ducked down and made five grimbles. When she walked by, I attacked! After she wiped the snow off her face, we both laughed and went inside to drink hot chocolate.

What is a grimble?

A snow ball


my favorite glingle is a girl named Liselle. I have known her since we were only 2 years old. There are a lot of reasons why she is such a good glingle. The main reason is that she is nice and she always loves to play fun things. I hope she will be my glingle forever!

What is a glingle?

A friend


What is a claim?

To express/have an opinion on an issue


What is the point of view?

A perspective the story is told in


Describe a multi-paragraph essay

An essay that includes three to five paragraphs to answer the question being asked


A holiday tradition in my family is when we decorate our Christmas tree. My mother has collected many special hambets. Her hambets are glass and very delicate. My favorite hambet is a gold star with glitter all over it. She lets me hang it myself. My sister's favorite hambet is a glass angel.

What is a hambet?

An ornament


Did you know that I am obsessed with rocktlat? I love to use it to decorate cards and projects I make. I love it because it is so sparkly and shiny. For Valentine's Day, I made a card with red and pink sparkly rocktlat. After I use it, I always have little pieces of rocktlat on my face!

What is rocktlat?



What is data?

Information involving facts or evidence


What is the story structure?

The way the text or information is organized


What does determine mean?

To decide upon after reasoning and observing the situation in the text


Today is the perfect day to go to the beach. "Don't forget the galiwag" said mom. "Ugh," I grumbled. I can't stand putting galiwag on because it always gets into my eyes and stings. My mom must have known what I was thinking because then she asked, "putting on the galiwag is better than a sunburn isn't it?" She is right about that!

What is a galiwag?



Last summer, Maggie learned how to garbler when she went to the beach on summer vacation with her family. She saved up her money to pay for garblering lessons and she rented a garbler board and a wetsuit. Her teacher helped her swim out into the ocean. It took many, many tries but she finally caught a wave and was standing up on her garbler board and garblering on the ocean wave.

What is garbler?



What is bias?

A person's point of view based on their own opinions on that topic


What does it mean to compare two passages?

To describe what is the same and what is different about them


What does context mean?

The set of facts that surround an event or passage


On Valentine's Day, I made my mom a card with a bloggle in it. I cut the bloggle out of paper and decorated it with red glitter. At first, I did not know how to make a bloggle but then my sister showed me that you can draw one side of it on a folded piece of paper then you cut the bloggle out and then open it up. Viola! A near perfect bloggle!

What is a bloggle?

A heart


A lot of people think it is weird that I do not like malabling. On holidays like Halloween or Valentine's day, there is so much malabling around me but I don't touch it because I prefer sour candy. My brother loves malabling though. One time he left a piece in his pants pocket and it melted. The worst part is, he still ate it!

What is malabling?


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