Galinsky's Stages of Parenthood
Family Structures and Parenting Styles
Sexually Transmitted Infection's (STI's)
Lucky Chapter 2
Lucky Chapter 3
How many stages are there in Ellen Galinsky's stages of parenthood?
What is SIX
This family structure includes a mother, father and at least one child.
What is nuclear.
HIV can stay in a persons blood for many years before it develops into _______?
What is AIDS
This is the deliberate decision to avoid high-risk behaviors, including sexual activity as well as the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
What is abstinence.
Childrens needs that include food, clothing, and shelter can be defined as what?
What is a physical need.
According to Galinsky's stages of parenthood, this is the stage when the parents are becoming emotionally attached to the child and they may be questioning the relative worth of their other priorities.
What is the nurturing stage.
This family style includes a mother, father, two children and the childrens grandparents...
What is an extended family.
Although some people may not show symptoms this STI causes pain when urinating. Women may feel abdominal pain, nausea, and low fever. This can also be cured with an anti-biotic.
What is Chlamydia.
In this type of adoption the birth parents and adoptive parents know something about eachother.
What is open adoption.
All children need stimulation and the opportunity to learn about the world and become educated. This would fit under a __________ need.
What is intellectual.
What age are the children in the authority stage???
What is age 2-4or5.
This family style includes a child, their mother, and step father.
What is a blended family.
What causes death among AIDS infected individuals?
What is AIDS causes people to become less immune to other diseases, which can lead to death.
In this type of adoption the birth parents do not know the names of the adoptive parents.
What is confidential adoption.
This parenting style is best described as parents who give children a wide range of freedom. The children also may set their own rules.
What is permissive parenting.
During this stage parents are evaluating thier parenting skills.
What is departure.
This parenting style can be described by a parent who believes children should obey their parents without question.
What is Authoritarian.
True or False: When a person is first infected with an STI they will always get flu like symptoms.
What is false.
What is the last step to good resource management.
What is re-evaluate from time to time.
Being specific, commenting on behavior as soon as possible, recognizing small steps, and helping children take pride in their actions are all guidelines to abide by when using what????
What is positive reinforcement.
According to Galinsky's stages of parenthood this stage occurs during pregnancy.
What is the image making stage.
This parenting style consists of children having input into the rules as well as parents and children solving together an appropraite punishment.
What is democratic parenting.
Name the FOUR bodily fluids that can transmit HIV
What is blood, vaginal fluids, semen, and breast milk.
The step in resource management when individuals decide how to use the identified resources to achieve the desired goal.
What is step 3. make a plan
Bribing, making children promise to behave, yelling, and exaggerating consequences are all examples of what?
What is poor disciplinary methods.