Steely Dan: A History
Finish The Quote
Famous Calebs

"Gettin' the band back together, gettin the gettin the WHAT."

what is the Country Bears


This year Steely Dan was founded, it also held host to the arrest of Charles Manson

What is 1971


"Noah's Ark was just

A.) An old fashioned Titanic

B.) An animal smuggling pirate ship

C.) A set up by the Illuminati

"Noah's Ark was just an Old Fashioned Pirate Ship"

- Kyle Abraham Johnson


He is sitting in this room with you right now

Who is Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide, famed and beloved artist, Pittbull


My favorite baseball player of all time

Who is David Murphy


The movie where Robert Downey Jr. just straight up did blackface

What is Tropic Thunder


This was the year that Steely Dan was inducted into the Rock Hall and nothing else of note happened that year

What is 2001


"I think this is the next step in our friendship...

A.) We should move in together

B.) Just let me look at them breathers

C.) We should get married and start a family

'I think this is the next step in our friendship, just let me look at them breathers."

-Kyle "The Toolman" Johnson


Serves as the frontman of the band Kings of Leon

Who is Caleb Folowill


THe basketball player that is really just three kids in a trench coat

Who is Shaqueille O'Neal


The movie where I star as an eccentric billionaire playboy

What is Iron Man 3


The Two Founding Members Of The Duo

Who are Walter Becker and Donald Fagen

"Im not Caucasian...

A.) Im Snoop D-O- double G

B.) I am Batman

C.) Im German

"Im not Caucasian, im German."

- Evan Kevin Boerner


Most recognized for his role as Lucas Sinclair on the Netflix hit series Stranger Things, he began his acting career on the Broadway stage when he played Young Simba in The Lion King.  

Who is Caleb McLaughlin


The winner of the 1966 French Le Mans

Who is Bruce McLaren


The movie in which there is an African American character literally called Kingsley Shacklebolt

What is Harry Potter


The name of Steely Dan's first single and also the city where I am wanted for petty larsony

What is 'Dallas'


"Oh no, my one basket...

A.) Thats where all my eggs were.

B.) Now i'm in crippling debt

C.) Oh no, now an anvils crushing my basket

"Oh no, my one basket, that's where all my eggs where!"

- Amber "plays with squirells" Kempert


an American pharmacist, best known as the inventor of soft drink Pepsi.

Who is Caleb Bradham

My favorite sport founded in the same year that Malcom X was assassinated

What is PickleBall


The story of Bridget, a polite young girl trying to save her grandmother from moving to a retirement community and out of her house. After all, Grams is the only one in her family that gives her hugs. Her brother Andrew is way too into baseball to hug, and her parents are always busy with work.

What is the Huggabunch


My favorite Steely Dan song and also what my father is going to name his next son

What is 'King Charlamane'


"We need...

A.) Your feet

B.) Another Bill Nye show

C.) A doctor STAT

"We need your feet." 

- Fredrick Joseph Primavera


An American cinematographer and director of film and television. He has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography six times. He is a member of the National Film Preservation Board of the Library of Congress, representing the American Society of Cinematographers.  

Who is Caleb Deschenal


A name of a sport

What is Literally any sport, I ran out of questions