Social Studies Math Science Language Arts *BONUS*


What was the importance of the Charter of 1732?
It was a strict guideline document that told the people on how to live, and what’s good and bad.


What are the meanings of Philanthropy, Defense, and Economics?
Philanthropy means New Life, and Religious Freedom. Defense was the Buffer-Mercantilism. And Economics was W.R.I.S.T.


Who was Mary Musgrove and how did she contribute to the settlement of Savannah?
She was half creek and half british. She spoke both languages fluently. She helped interpret Tomochichi to James Oglethorpe so they could understand each other.


Who were the group of people in the Colonial Period who supported slavery?
They were the Malcontents.


Who was Hernando De Soto and why did he go on the exploration?
De Soto was a spanish explorer and conquistador who was seeking greater glory and riches, and colonize places for the Spanish crown.

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